Bit the bullet and got in elbows deep! First sausage!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by bladebuilder, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. So I have been procrastinating for a while now, finally sucked it up and got 'er done!

    Made some venison/pork sausage. One is a summer sausage recipe, and also made some polish sausage (sort of a kielbasa)

    After following boykjo casing prep tutorial, I got into the grinding and spices/cure etc.

    Got the sausage stuffed into 35mm hog casing into coils.

    Then into the smoke house. I suck at dividing up the coils, but kinda figured it out on the second run.

    This is the first 25 pound run, really happy with the color! Dog is lying in wait!

    And a inside money shot! Not bad for a first go I think!

    I ran this batch  through the grinder twice, I think next time I wouldn't bother, and just run once through a coarser plate.
  2. brooksy

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    Good looking snausages!!
  3. c farmer

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    Looks awesome.
  4. smokeraiser

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    Newbie here. You mentioned next time you would only go through a grinder once with a more coarse plate. How would that change the texture of what you shown in the money shot picture? More chunky or granular type consistency ?
  5. I'm by no means well versed in sausage making! lol! I did a test fry, after blending the spices after the first grind. Then decided to run it through a finer plate, and to help more thoroughly mix the spices. I liked the coarser texture better, more like eating meat then eating bologna for example. Just more to it... Does that make sense?
  6. waterinholebrew

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    That sausage looks awesome, great job ! It's gotta be tasty ! Thumbs Up. Just getting into sausage making myself & this looks real nice !


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  7. Thank you! It turned out really good! Nice and moist, nice pop when you bit into it, its juicy too. I haven't eaten a lot of different sausage, nor know what authentic sausages are supposed to be like, but I have found this to be better than any of the sausages I have had made at any of the local butcher shop/meat processing places around here. I have read a lot here, and got both Rytek Kutas, and Marianski's books for Christmas. SO much info to digest! But it's fun learning!
  8. waterinholebrew

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    They look real good ! This your own recipe or did ya follow one ? Care to share the recipe, if ya can... If not, I understand !

    Ya know, it's kinda funny that once ya start makin your own Q, be it ribs, brisket, PP, sausage, etc that the store bought or even stuff ya get from a local butcher just doesn't compare to YOURS ! And that's a hell of a great feeling to have... Sausage making is a bunch to learn & digest for sure, but fun to do so ! Congrats on the great turnout on your sausage ! Thumbs Up
  9. welshrarebit

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    Run it thru the course blade and take a third or half out and then run the rest thru the finer blade. Then mix both together and stuff...
  10. tropics

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    [​IMG]Bubba that looks real good to me, I like the medium grind when doing mine. The fat I grind fine. Nice color on them sausages

  11. crazymoon

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    BB, Nice job on the sausages! I find that I need two grinds when doing venison with pork to get a good mix but only do one grind on an all pork sausage. [​IMG]
  12. nepas

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    Looks pretty darn good.
  13. reinhard

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    Heck you not only bit the bullet, but hit a bullseye!!  Great job!!  Reinhard
  14. There hasn't been anything I have tried since joining here, that hasn't turned out better than store bought. It makes a guy wonder if all the old world talent, flavor, taste/texture has been lost when overtaken by commercial process, I know its happened. Take bacon for example. All the bacon I buy, is almost falling apart just trying to get it from the package to the pan. Not so with home made, it still feels like meat!

    As for sharing, I would feel guilty NOT sharing. Everybody here has been very encouraging and helpful.

    As for the recipe, here are the ingredients I used for the Polish sausage type type. The book recipe called for all pork.

    18 pounds venison

    5 pounds pork shoulder

    2 pounds bacon ends

    5 cups soy protein concentrate OR non-fat dry milk

    3/4 cups salt

    5 tsp cure #1

    2 1/2 Tbsp powdered dextrose

    2 1/2 Tbsb ground black pepper

    2 1/2 tbsp ground marjoram

    3 Tbsp fresh garlic

    5 cups ice water

    This recipe was ground, mixed, stuffed, dried for a few hours, and smoked to IT of 155. Into a snow drift to cool.

    Second recipe, was my bastardized recipe of two book recipes, and this recipe by myboy found here

    Anybody can comment or tell me if I did something I shouldn't have.

    I couldn't find any cultured buttermilk

    20 pounds Venison

    4 pounds pork

    1 pound bacon ends

    2 1/2 cups soy protein

    5 tsp insta cure #1

    5 tsp garlic powder

    3/4 cups salt

    2 tbsp smoked paprika

    2 1/2 tsp Accent

    1 tsp corriander

    1 1/2 tsp marjoram

    1 1/2 tbsp ground mustard

    2 tbsp black pepper

    1 1/4 cup corn sryup solids

    2 tbsp onion powder

    1/2 cup dry milk powder

    5 cups ice water

    This one was ground, mixed, ground again, stuffed, and into the fridge over night. Then dried, smoked to IT of 165 ( got caught up in the other batch, and let it get hotter than I wanted. Then got a snow bath to cool.
  15. waterinholebrew

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    Thanks for the info, much appreciated ! Thumbs Up
  16. Nice looking sausage!! Well done!
  17. nozzleman

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    Good job it looks really tasty.
  18. Bladebuilder,

      I feel you. This is Masonman and I just did my first Sausage also. I did a pork/venison sausage. Everyone on here makes it look easy, and maybe it is after you do it a lot, but at the end I was wore the heck out. But I did have a great time doing it. By the way your sausage looks great. Mouth was watering as I was reading your post.


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