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  1. drove by the old buffalo farm by me over the weekend and got to thinking...

    I want to attempt to smoke something from them haha. here is a link to their webpage

    I got some burger off them years ago and cooked up, wasnt really impressed.

    so here's the question. if i wanted to smoke me some buffalo would the chuck roast be the best choice, because it seems to be the fattiest. bison is all really lean mean and I'm not sold on if its ment for smoking haha.

    I'm betting the sucker would take up to 10 hours or more at 200-250.(may require lots of injection? or marinade to keep moist)

    well if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions would love to hear them.
  2. Hello.  WOW!!! I haven't done bison but from what I now it is like game meat.  We all know the issues with game meat.  I don't think ( just my opinion ) the chuck would be much better than any other cut.  If I had gotten the burger I would have mixed in some pork fat or even finely chopped bacon, but hind sight is a wonderful thing.  My advice would be to search for venison recipes in the wild game forum.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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    I've had Bison a few times, and have been eating Venison for over 60 years.

    The biggest problem with smoking a Bison Chucky would be the fact that it is very lean.

    However Bison is much better tasting than Deer. IMHO

  4. Yea, I like to cook my deer up in a Korean bolgogi or however its spelled haha,

    Soy sauce, sesame oil, green onions, sugar and some other things, thinly sliced and grilled but not smoked.

    Would injecting fat haha help?
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    Research Elk roast recipes and cook your Bufalo like Elk not Deer.Some Bufalo steaks cooked using the reversed sear would be very tasty.

  6. I looked at the website, they actually have bison recipes, one for bison beer braised brisket, they sear the brisket for a few minutes each side then bake for 3 hours. Everything recommends it be cooked low and slow to break it down...

    Thanks I'll have to search elk recipes, haven't been lucky enough to get one yet to know any recipes for them.
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    Elk and Bufalo will cook approx 60% faster than Beef.Low and slow works great with a marinade on roasts or hot and fast with steaks when cooking either one.When cooked rite Bufalo or Elk is great eating, my family quit eating deer when I was young they ate to much sage brush and tasted nasty.

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    BACON  ... Bison screams for Bacon... and the Chuck covered in some nice fatty Peppered Bacon would be perfect.[​IMG]  Just sayin'...[​IMG].
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    Been cooking and eating buffalo very often for 18 years as my father in law raises buffalo; my wife and I have the pasture surrounding three sides of our home. Biggest mistake most people make with buffalo is cooking it like it is beef on a grill over direct heat or frying pan hot 'n fast. Buffalo is very lean of fat and needs to be cooked low 'n slow over indirect heat, cooked properly it is much better tasting than beef.
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