Bison Ribs

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  1. It may have been a case of "Beginners Luck" but for my first foray into the world of smoking meat I decided to try smoking Bison Ribs. 

    I have a new Char Griller charcoal grill with a smoker side box. After seasoning the grill and smoker box per the instructions included with the new grill.  Emboldened by the success of seasoning the grills, I decided to smoke the ribs for my poker boys at our Saturday night game.

    Having made that decision, I searched the web and stumbled upon Smoking Meats Forum looking for instructions on how to cook the Bison Ribs.  After much information investigating and a little frustration I gathered enough intelligence to formulate a plan.  The plan evolved into dry rub and 8 hours of low and slow smoking.  Not having any experience in rubs I shopped around and settled on 2 different rubs.   A rather salty rub called Santa Maria and a sweet rub called NoMU Sweet.

    I used yellow mustard to glue the rubs to the ribs and let them set at room temp for an hour while I fired up the grill and got to to a temp of 250degrees.


    I had a rib rack to stand the ribs up in which as it turns out was too short to hold the ribs without curling the ribs slightly to make them stand up on the grill.  After arranging the ribs on the grill I spent the next 8 hours making sure the temperature remained near 250 and hoping they would turn out somewhat edible.  At some point in the beginning I added apple-wood chips soaked in tequila and rinsed in water.

    After 8 hours I opened up the great smelling grill and saw a beautiful charred sight of 3 racks of rich brown meaty goodness.  Although the meat looked a little like jerky, the moist tender and flavorful ribs were fall off of the bone great.  I enjoyed the sweet rubbed ribs a little more than the more salty ribs but I was very pleased with both.

    Bottom line for me, I will be doing more smoking in the future.[​IMG]

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    Look like big humongous dino bones.
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  4. Congrats on the first (and successful) smoke with many, many more to come.  I'm sure it was the tips and tricks from SMF, plus just a gut feeling that made it a successful smoke.  It's not for everyone, but those that venture enough to learn more "get it".  Congrats!!!  ...and Welcome!

  5. wow they look good. 

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