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Discussion in 'ABT's' started by rgautheir20420, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. I've got about 3-4 lbs of PP that was smoked this past weekend on Saturday. We ended up going to a friends house for dinner the night that I made the PP, so it never even got eaten....outside of what I was able to stuff in my face before we left.

    I've got 2 questions. First, I've got my son's party on this coming Sunday, should I freeze the PP and pull it out a couple days before to make some ABT's or is it ok in the fridge in a zip-lock bag? Second, what kind of cheese for some PP ABT's? I'm thinking of a smoked provolone, but I'd definitely like some input. The PP will have BBQ sauce on it prior to be stuffed into the Jalapeno.
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    Yes freeze the meat and thaw. I use cream cheese, smoked cheddar, and smoked pepper jack (shredded) I mix in garlic powder, chipotle powder, and black pepper, fresh chives.

    I put some pulled pork on then the cheese mixture then wrap in bacon.
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  3. dirtsailor, that sounds damn good. Not a huge fan of Chipotle so I might leave that out. Willing to share measurements per 1 lb of PP? Thanks for the response!
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    Well I wing it. Probably 1/4 cup each grated cheese. I use the whipped cream cheese (small container) maybe a teaspoon of each of the powdered items. Chives I cut fresh from our garden several sprigs.
  5. Sounds good. Nothing wrong with winging it since that's typically what I do. I'll be sure to get some pics of everything when they're done.
  6. I always portion out and freeze my left over PP.  I reheat in the oven using some of the finishing sauce I make.

    As for ABT's?  The fun part of those is experimenting and using what ya like.  I typically use sharp cheddar mixed with Cream cheese, but have been known to use Gouda.......Edam......Blue and asundry other cheeses as the mood strikes me

  7. Thanks Scott. I'll be making about 30-40 ABT's for the party. I've got 4 lbs of PP so I'm definitely going to have left over. For the left overs, I'll just put together a finishing sauce and heat it up next to some small buns and coleslaw for people to snack on. 
  8. You can also (if you plan ahead) use a crock pot to heat it up and keep it warm too!!!  

  9. So these were a hit to the say the least. On Saturday, my dad and I prepped them for Sunday's smoke. This was especially fun seeing as we did all this work after a beer fest [​IMG]. So we halved the peppers, de-seeded and de-viened them, stuffed them with PP, cream cheese (mixed with garlic powder, Tony's, and sharp chedder), and wrapped them in bacon of course. I smoked them for 2.5 hrs in the MES set to 275 and used the AMNPS for the whole smoke. This was the 2nd time using the AMNPS, and it burned beautifully. It smoked for about 3.5 hrs on just 1 row of Pittmaster pellets and I had no issues with it going out. The peppers had a nice crunch to them still and the smoker permeated every bite. I like how the peppers held up and weren't mushy.

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    Those look perfect! Man I could go for a few of those right now...
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    Looks like your ABT's turned out great! I'll be doing a batch this weekend along with some Scarbelly wings and A tri tip or two!

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