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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smoke break, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Few questions comin here.

    I'm doing a pork shoulder this Friday for my boys birthday party on Saturday. This is only the 2nd shoulder I've ever done. It's a 15 lb shoulder.

    Can I cut the shoulder in half and do the smoke like it's two smaller shoulders? My thought is a little quicker cook time...not a good idea or is it fine.

    Since the cook will be done the day before and put into serving trays overnight I'll have to warm it up before chow time on Saturday.

    What is the recommended temp and temp so it won't dry out but still be warm enough to serve?

    This will be the first time I'm serving anyone my cook other than the wife n kids. It'll just be immediate family so I can remind them all of the meals they've messed up before if it turns out bad.
  2. b-one

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    It's fine to cut it down, I would just heat it up in a crockpot with some finishing sauce or defatted drippings,unless you have a vaccum sealer and bags safe for cooking. In the oven in a covered pan works well around 300 agian with finishing sauce or defatted drippings. If you don't sauce it I would serve sauce on the side in in a small crock pot so it's warm for those who like sauce.
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  3. b-one

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    Forgot to mention you want to reheat to160* And great planning on smoking the day ahead it removes lots of possible issues!
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  4. rabbithutch

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    I'm confused. Why not smoke the whole shoulder/butt the day before?

    It's perfectly OK to cut it if that's what you want to do, but always cook them whole for 2 reasons:
    1) I don't like to freeze and thaw meat because I think it affects the flavor, assuming that you will freeze the other half; and I don't like to keep meat in the reefer too long before smoking it either. Two pieces is twice the smoker work if you think about it.
    2) It's the fat and tendons and bones and blood and protein that all breaks down into the finished smoked pork. Cutting in half means that some of it is bound to get more fat or bone than the other. I prefer that it all cook at once so that all the flavor melds.

    I've been wrong before, but you asked; so I gave you my opinion.:yahoo:
  5. It's a boneless shoulder, so the bone is a non issue.

    The only reason I am thinking about halfing it is because I've never done a piece of meat this big. I'm a rookie smoker so it's a little daunting.

    I assumed that if I half them then the low heat and smoke would circulate around the two smaller chunks better for the cook.....
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    I'm all for cutting large butts in half 15 pounds is big for a boneless butt. Have you taken it out of the package? The ones I buy here that are that weight are two 7-8 pound butts packaged together. 'With that said I even cut those in half sometimes. You get more bark and more smoke on the meat.

    How many people are you serving? Are you also serving sides? 15 pounds of uncooked meat will yield 7-9 pounds of finished product. At a 1/3 pound per person plus side dishes that will serve 21-27 people if they aren't big eaters.
  7. I just preped it about an hour ago with the mustard and rub. It was 2 shoulders in one package.

    It will be more than we need for the party so the leftovers will be going to work with me on Sunday...the fellas will have it finished up no problem!
  8. b-one

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    It's nice to vacuum seal some for BBQ treats or quick meals,just saying.:biggrin:
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  9. The birthday cook is resting now. Hopefully it will taste as good as it looks and smells!
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    Come on you had to eat a nice piece of bark that stuck to the grate you can be honest with us! That sure looks tasty!
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  11. Isn't that a requirement?!?!

    It didn't turn out too bad. It wasn't as good as the one I did last week, but I don't think there will be any family memebers leaving the party hungry tomorrow!
  12. I'd call it a success. It's always nice to see people enjoying your work.

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