Birthday pork!

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    Dropped two shoulders (8lbs. & 6lbs.) in the MES at 2:00a.m. Brown sugar dry rub. Hickory chips with crushed charcoal in chip tray.
    We're celebrating my daughter's 5th. birthday on Sunday. The theme is the movie "Frozen". Grandma hand made the dress, we got a life size cardboard cut out of "Olaf" and a whole backdrop of stuff from the movie for everyone to take pictures with their family. We're doing it on a small budget but with my wifes creativity, you'd think we spent a ton!
    Pork should be done at 4:00p.m. saturday afternoon. I'll take them out of the smoker, let rest at least an hour, pull then place in turkey oven bags and put in fridge until Sunday afternoon. I'll reheat in oven bags (in the oven). Should come out real good!! Happy Fourth folks and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
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    Hello there how was the pork roast? post some after shots if ya got em.  Also why the crushed charcoal? I know charcoal puts off a nasty "burn off" smoke until they get ashy, may be better off doin coal outside smoker than drop in through the chip drop after first smoke dies..? just a thought. [​IMG]

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