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    I've been using Weber Kettle for indirect and direct grilling for 20 years. About 10 years ago I got an offset horizontal smoker (BBQChef) and have had a great time with that. Work, Marriage and kids have taken away spare time. Then I joined you fine ladies and gentlemen on SMF and it opened a new world. For my 41st bday my wife gave me the new 40" MES with blue tooth ($300ish Sam's Club), FYI I saw a 30" MES Blue tooth at Walmart for same price and it looked just like the new 40" and I hadn't read about that one yet, but still had window which I could do without. Anyway, no issues putting together and seasoning. I know Bear gave a lot of feedback and they listened. I did a pork butt then turkey with mesquite for pork and pecan for turkey. For me there was obsolete temp variance and the factory temp probes were only a few degrees off from maverick after boil test.

    Great product, I am sad because I miss the excuse to sit up and drink beer with friends watching fire or getting up early to drink coffee and do the same. But, I'm a fraction older and the trade off is unbelievably great food, wife thinks the best in 15 years, and more time with the family. Little skill involved (IMHO) with this new MES, but my "skill" was always questionable, however you can't argues with end results. There will be time to fix the worlds problems while watching a firebox when the kids leave the house!
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    Forgot pictures!

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