Birthday Fatty

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by duffman, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. There are so many different recipes on here I can't decide what to do for my first Fatty. But I plan on doing on for my Birthday Weekend on the 31st. Any suggestions?
  2. buy looking at them and after only trying it once myself i'm pretty sure you can put about anything in it and it will be delicious. just take some of your favorite things and go to town!!!!!
  3. shhaker

    shhaker Meat Mopper

    birthday cake and icecream...let me know how it turns

    just make whoevers bday it is their favorite one!!
  4. new2que

    new2que Meat Mopper

    Breakfast fatty is the way to go my man.  Its just what I make the most often.  This last weekend we even made one with Ground Turkey instead of JD... and it was great (alot healthier too).

    I recommend making yourself a fatty piston, it'll help tremendously! 

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