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  1. Yesterday was our #2 son's Birthday so in addition to the Snack Sticks, Had to do some Char Siu Ribs, Chicken leg quarters and my wife made some fried rice


    The meat

    Ribs:  2 slabs of baby back ribs, cut into individual bones 

    Or Pork:  4 pounds pork loin cut into strips across the grain, about 1" wide, 2" tall

    The marinade

    1/2 cup hoisin sauce

    1/4 cup brandy (or rum or bourbon)

    1/4 cup honey

    1/4 cup soy sauce

    2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil

    4 tablespoons Sriracha

    2 tablespoons powdered ginger

    2 tablespoons powdered onion

    1 tablespoon powdered garlic

    1/4 tablespoon five spice powder

    1 teaspoon red food coloring

    1 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper

    Marinate the meat for at least 2 hours in a metal bowl or zipper bags. Overnight is better. (I like Overnight) The flavor really has a chance to soak in.

    I use about 2/3rds of the Marinade and save the rest for the finishing glaze

    Smoke at 225° for about 2 hours, then wrap in foil and back on the smoker for about an hour to an hour and a half.

    Take the leftover Marinade add a couple of good squirts of honey, taste and add more Sriracha or Cayenne if you want more heat. Paint the meat with the glaze and roast an additional 30 minutes or so on the grill basting the ribs several times with the glaze.

    NOTE:  You can substitute fresh ginger and garlic for powdered ginger and garlic if you wish.

    Two racks of Baby Back Char Siu

    Ribs, Chicken & Rice


    Chicken and Rice

    Thanks for Looking,     Everything was a big hit,  Im kinda hooked on these ribs
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  2. tropics

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    Gary looks like your hooked on the Char Siu sauce,that is an impressive spread.Your wife did a great job on the fried rice sir.Points for a lovely B-Day meal

  3. Thanks Richie  I appreciate it

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  4. I will go back and add the Char Siu recipe I used for these Ribs

  5. b-one

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    Great looking spread!:drool
  6. Thanks b-one

  7. bearcarver

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    OMG !!![​IMG]

    That Stuff looks Fantastic!![​IMG]--------------[​IMG]

    I gotta do this soon!![​IMG]

    "Soon" meaning when the temp ever gets above freezing for more than an hour or two. I'm about sick of it !!

    Thinking of going back into Hibernation!!

    Thanks Gary,

  8. garyhibbert

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    I missed this one somehow. GREAT looking B-day feast!!

    It seems you're recalling getting into char siu cooking. I'm just about ready to try my first one. With an overnight stay in the marinade, did the chicken quarters turn that nice red color all the way through? Or did you just do the ribs in char siu?

    POINTS!! for making my mouth water.

  9. Just the Ribs,    But I did Pork Chops last night   Love that Char Siu

  10. bena

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    Oh that looks so good!  awesome looking finish and great post! 
  11. disco

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    Great looking colour on those ribs, Gary.

    Points for making me jealous.

  12. bdskelly

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    Nice color!  point b
  13. Thanks Ben, Disco and Brian    You get hooked on that stuff 

  14. joe black

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    Really awesome looking spread. Cindy and I love fried rice. What a great birthday feast, Joe :points:
  15. smokinal

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    Nice job Gary!

    Awesome looking ribs!

    Gonna have to try this char siu thing.

    The whole meal looks delicious!

    Points to you, buddy!

  16. Thank you Joe and AL   much appreciated 


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