Birthday Brisket and SL Ribs

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  1. This past weekend I celebrated my 43rd Birthday with friends and decided to smoke a brisket and some ribs.  I started on Thursday night with a 15.1 lb brisket and injected it with some Beef Broth and then salted it and let it sit for about 24 hours.

    After letting it sit for 24 hours I rubbed it with Big Bad Beef Rub that I found on the Amazing Ribs website and preheated the smoker to about 180.  I used Cookin Pellets PM pellets for the hopper in my Pit Boss 820 smoker and filled my 18" AMZNPS with A-Maze-N Hickory pellets for a little added smoke.

    It was about 6:45 PM when I placed the meat on the smoker with the smoke setting set to P2.

    I drank a few beers while keeping an eye on the temp for about 30 minutes and noticed the the temp was averaging about 180 degrees +/- 10 degrees and then left with a friend to see the new Captain America movie.  We got back from the movie around midnight and then temp was around 90.  Went to bed shortly after that and woke up around 6:45 AM to see that the temp was around 143.

    At 10:30 the temp had risen to 160 and I decided to place it in a foil pan with a little beef broth, a bottle of Killian's Red and a shot (or 2) of Crown Royal in the bottom of the pan.  While placing the brisket into the pan I pre-heated my oven to 225.  I placed the covered brisket into the oven and waited for the temp to hit 203.


    While the brisket was in the oven I trimmed some spare ribs down to St Louis style and put some of my home made pork rub on them and placed them into the smoker at 225.

    Once the temp hit 203 on the brisket I turned the oven temp down to 170 and let it sit for about 2 hours.  I then cut the point off of the brisket and cubed it into 1 inch cubes and placed it into a small foil pan for making burnt ends.  I placed some Famous Dave's BBQ sauce on it with some of the leftover beef rub mixed in and placed it into the grill with the ribs.


    I wrapped the flat in heavy duty aluminum foil and placed it into an insulated cooler in the back with towels to keep it warm.

    I then took some of the fat from the drippings in the pan and brushed it onto some potatoes and added some salt and pepper to them.  I warmed up my Char-Broil Big Easy SRG and used some Cookin Pellets Perfect Mix pellets for a little smoke.  Cooked the potatoes on low until they reached 210 degrees.

    I took the burnt ends off of the smoker after about an hour and took the ribs off the smoker once they passed the bend test.

    Took the flat out of the cooler around 4:45 (company was coming at 5) and sliced it into as thin of slices as I could get.  It was very tender and I cut against the grain.


    Ended up having a Great Birthday Party and my wife even made me an apron to use for future smokes...

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  2. smokinal

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    Awesome Mike!

    Everything looks delicious!

    Happy birthday buddy.

    Points for you too!

  3. Thanks SmokinAl!!  I now have my wife talked into letting me smoke brisket more often :)
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    MM, Nice looking smoke sir !!![​IMG]
  5. Thanks!
  6. disco

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    Marvelous meal, Mike!

    Points despite the fact I was not invited.


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