Bills vs Pats! A beautiful day a beautiful Butt!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokeymoake, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. smokeymoake

    smokeymoake Meat Mopper

    I haven't posted in a while but it's 60 and sunny here in Buffalo a huge game awaits and a perfect day for some pulled pork.

    Favorite Butcher hooked me up with this lovely boneless butt.

    Rubbed up

    Coming up to temp with lump and hickory

    Hit the grate at 8:45. I'll do my best not to peek to often.

    Looking for about 195 internal, I'll give it a poke and see what happens. Cooking at about 225 should be good.

    Now onto the F1 Grand Prix of Singapore, a spectacular night race. Then da Bills!

    I'll report back later with an update!
  2. Looks great and I'll join you in cheering for the Bills.
  3. bbq4fun

    bbq4fun Newbie

    Nice looking cook! I'll be watching too. Although I'll be routing for the visitors.
  4. Im a Broncos fan but i just want a good game, which i think it will be.
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  5. smokeymoake

    smokeymoake Meat Mopper

    4hrs in up to 137 a quick peek.

  6. smokeymoake

    smokeymoake Meat Mopper

    Bills 7 Pats 0 first drive from scrimmage
  7. bbq4fun

    bbq4fun Newbie

    14 7. Tough to beat the world champs when you commit so many penalties. A typical Rex Ryan team.
  8. smokeymoake

    smokeymoake Meat Mopper

    Hey! No fair dissing the Bills! This thread is about meat! Although I did throw the game in there too I guess. Damn.
  9. bbq4fun

    bbq4fun Newbie

    You're right my bad. I love Buffalo though I went up their for a game and it was a great time and met some great people. It was the first home game against the pats for Drew. Been awhile now.
  10. smokeymoake

    smokeymoake Meat Mopper

    Buffalo has made a real lot of headway, especially in the past, like 3 years. I do love to visit Boston and the north shore though.
  11. smokeymoake

    smokeymoake Meat Mopper

    13hrs had a long stall at 165.

    Very juicy and delicious![/IMG

    [GALLERY="media, 425484"][/GALLERY]

    Cheesy potatoes. Bills lost still a good game. Ready to dig in!

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