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  1. Hello all. Name is James, but my call sign is BigJelly. Im new to the forum, but have been a fan of meat right out the 'gate'. I have experimented with smoked meats without much success until the last couple years. I base camp out of Johns Creek, GA (about 45 minutes north of Atlanta, GA).

    I have a Brinkman duelly (half gas/half charcoal with a side mounted smoke box). This was my first official smoker. We had some good and bad times together. The most difficult was maintaining a constant temp. Just a few weeks ago I got an electric Bradley Smoker. Some may consider this cheating, but I say this..."Cheating is the gift man gives himself"!

    Honestly, I don't care if its cheating or not. I'm not a competition guy. I just love good smoked meat. There is wood, heat, flavor, and meat. Its all good! So if anybody has any tips, good dry rub directions, or want to swap sandwiches...give me a shout. So far in the Bradley I have successfully smoked ribs, chicken, sausage, and wings. I still got some learning to do, so I'm gonna keep smoking until I hit the high marks.

    Bring on the brisket!
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    Hi James! [​IMG]  to SMF!!! Glad to have you here! There are a lot of people here who use electrics and I haven't heard anyone say they were cheating, just making some good food! You will get lot's of great advice on anything you want, would you do us a favor and update your profile to include your location, it really helps others when they offer advice to know where you are, Thanks!!
  3. Hello James and welcome to SMF and the wonderful world of smoked foods! As far as an electric smoker...hey why not, I have an MES 40 and love it! 

    Lots of helpful info and recipes, and you can find just about everything by using the handy dandy search tools above.

    If you're interested, Jeff offers a Free 5 day Smoking Basics e-course and you can sign up for it here.
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    Hello James and [​IMG]to SMF - lots of folks here with electric smokers putting out some great chow 
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    Hi James, glad to have you here and there is nothing wrong with using a watt-burner for your smoker-Heck, even I use a homebuilt electric Ugly Drum Smoker. It's small-made from a 30 gallon drum but it's just the right size when I'm smoking up something for Ma Dutch and meownself.And you called it-wood, heat, flavor, and meat; so get your smoke on and post up some Q-view!Enjoy the Smoke!
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