BIG SHOUT OUT TO TODD AND A-MAZE-N!!!!! This is the way you do business!!!

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  1. vegassmokeout

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    I was reading the forums for years and finally bought the smoker that I wanted. After working out the kinks I realized that I needed someway of keeping a smoke going thru the night.  I had heard about a-maze-n smoke boxes and all the good that came from them.  So my wife got me the AMNPS tray for Christmas that I requested.  Now me not fully knowing/reading/investigating as I should have I made a big mistake.  Come to find out after trying it mutable times and thinking that I had bad pellets, lighting wrong, wrong location, etc.... I emailed Todd.  WOW was I shocked that customer service like this does still exists!!!! Todd told me that I needed the AMNS tube as my propane draws the air out of the smoke and puts out the pellets and I wasn't doing anything wrong beside telling me wife to get me the wrong product.  And was blown away when before I was finished writing a thanks for the explanation email, a AMNS showed up in me mail box.  FLOORED I tell you.  I plan on telling this story to not only my company but to all me smoking buddies and tell them that they should buy this product just for the customer service alone. 

    Todd, Thanks again and I will send all Q-view posted with a shot of the tube in it every time with a STRONG mention of how well it works.  My hats off to you and your staff.  The only time I will say that over done was done perfectly. 

  2. litterbug

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    I had the same great service about a year and a half ago. Did the same thing as you with a master built xl propane. When I asked Todd about it, he was so helpful and generous that before I knew it, a tube was sitting at my doorstep.
    This is one band wagon that a lot of members will be more than happy to jump on. Todd has excellent customer service.
  3. okie52

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    I was very happy with my 18" Amazn tube (size matters) that I purchased last week.

    Here are some pics of my first cook using the Amazn tube on my Traeger Texas smoker.


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