Big Poppa EDS Build - Salem, Oregon

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by smokinmak, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Howdy all.  New to this forum.  Usually hang out on pellet forums as my primary pit is a MAK 2-Star General.

    Got curious about the drum smoking scene when I saw Big Poppa offering a kit for building a drum smoker.  I'm not all that handy at metalwork, so I figured this was my only shot at it.

    Got a used food-grade drum locally, had it sandblasted, I drilled it, then had it powder-coated.  Installed the kit per the instructions and voila!  I got me a (not so) UDS!

    It has a 2-position basket which is great for any kind of cooking I'm likely to do.  When in the lower position, I put an old Weber grate in the upper position to hold a pan of water.  Got a couple extras with this - The GrillGrates for grilling, and the optional side table, which I mounted on the front.  I have already decided I'll get another one and mount them on either side over the handles.  A couple extra holes with silicone grommets so I can use my Maverick on this beast.

    First cook was a simple grill - Ribeye, Flat iron Steak, and a nice Salmon Fillet.  Next cook will be a spatchcock chicken, followed by a few racks of spares.  Once I get my temp control down, moving on to pork butt and brisket!

    Thanks for looking!

  2. Beautiful smoker I am also looking at the Big Poppa kit. Any suggestions, mods, or anything else to say about it?

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