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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by bpinmi, Aug 4, 2016.

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    I bought a 22" Weber Smokey Mountain last year. It's an excellent smoker that does a great job, but it wasn't a well thought out purchase. It's much bigger than my needs 90% of the time. I'm also tired of grilling on gas grills. I am looking into buying a Big Green Egg to have for grilling, and also to use as a smoker when doing smaller cooks like ribs, or a single brisket, pork shoulder etc. 

    I've read mixed reviews about the BGE as a smoker. I guess my biggest hangup is no direct access to the charcoal chamber once the cook has started to add heat, wood, etc. Although everyone says you don't need to add anything once it gets going. Who's smoking a lot with the BGE and what is your feedback?

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    I'll trade you my 18.5 for your 22.5.:biggrin:
    I've heard the same as you about the egg but have no experience using one. There are other(cheaper) egg options out there if it matters to you.
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    Keep your WSM and buy a vacuum sealer. Then do what I do - fill the WSM with meat once or twice a month, then once it's cooked vacuum seal it all in 1 lb. bags and toss them in the freezer. Then you using all the space in your WSM, but only have to fire it up once in a while when your freezer runs low, or you have a special party.
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    That's not as much fun as looking forward to the weekend with new ideas/experiments! [​IMG]I wasn't gonna do ribs until my wife came up with a new bbq rub this week. Who am I to tell my partner NO!? Oh happy days! [​IMG]  
  5. I have a Kamado Joe, not a BGE, but it's the same basic grill. You will not need to add wood or lump charcoal during a cook. I have run mine for 16 hrs and still had lump left. A kamado style grill is a completely different animal from what you are used to using and will take a little getting used too. They are very efficient and do not use much charcoal. When you finish the cook just shut it down and the next cook you just stir up the leftover coals, clean out the ash and then add some fresh lump right on top. Start the fire, let the grill come up to the desired temp and you are ready to go. They are also very versatile, you can grill, bake and smoke on the same grill, Pizza is fantastic. 

    Before you make up you mind on which grill you want, check out the Kamado Joe lineup, as well as Primo. The Kamado Joe is much more versatile, with their Divide and Conquer grill system and offer a much better bang for your buck, BGE makes you buy everything separately. The Primo has a unique shape that appeals to many. My biggest complaint about the BGE is their warranty policy. If you use anything but a BGE product in your grill the warranty is void.

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