Big Easy Chicken or how to sort of ruin a good chicken

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by ben cartwright2, May 4, 2014.

  1. I decided to use the Big Easy Oil-less Turkey Fryer to do a 7 pound chicken. Were I messed up was, I had read that putting salt on meat would draw the moisture and then after a time it would pull it back into the chicken. So I took a bunch of kosher salt and rubbed the chicken down, I then put my rub on and put it in the refer for 3 hours.  I then pulled it and washed it off and patted it dry and then re-seasoned it.

       I put it in the Big Easy with the lid on for 55 minutes and lid off for another 25 for a total of 1 hour 20 minutes.

    It looked great but the skin was too salty, some of the saltiness got into the out layers of the meat although the inner parts were not salty or very little, and very moist. I had wanted to get the skin crispy, but that was the wrong way!

       I tossed the skin and saved the meat, told the wife not to use salt at the table. She said yes too salty. Well next time I will lose the salt!

  2. It looks good. How do you like the cooker? I got one a year or so ago and never put it together.
  3. It is very easy to use and has lots of accessories.  I cooks by Infrared energy and has a hole in the bottom to catch the drippings.  You can do most anything in it. The skin crisps up, although not as crisp as a deep fried chicken or turkey, but there is no oil and it's associated risk of fire.

    I do like it but with 4 smokers 2 charcoal grills and a Weber Silver B I always have the problem of what to cook with!

  4. Thanks for the post. Some of the best chicken I have made has been in my big easy, I dont know what else to cook in the thing though.
  5. I have done ribs, a pork roast, a chuck roast, beef ribs, chicken legs, turkey legs, wings, sausages. it is limitless

    I feel like Bubba from Forest Gump!
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  6. Thanks for the info, I understand about the what to cook with thing, I an 2 electric, propane, pellet, 2 charcoal  cookers, and 3 other turkey fryers. Plus a gas grill, that is why mine is still in the box I guess.

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