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Discussion in 'Pork' started by psouthwick, Jul 3, 2014.

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    I know you can't really mess up a butt, however, I am doing one much larger than I am used too 10.5 pounds. Still looking to do low and slow.  How long do you feel it will take. 12 hours? or more
  2. psouthwick

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    Also I never foil mine in the past and they turn out great. Do I have to if I have the time.
  3. I have seen people saying time ranges of 1 - 2 hr per lb. I guess it would depend on your smoker and setup, but it's always better to go by temps instead. If your worried about cook time, I'd just cut the butt in half and roll with it. If it's all going to end up pulled it makes no matter. This way, you would cook both butts as if you were cooking a 5 lber.
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    I would say 12-15 hours but time is only one part of the equation.  One piece of meat is different to the next.  You can get one that is done in 10 and one that takes 16 hours.  It all just depends.  I would cook between 250-300 and roll with it.  I have two that I am going to be starting shortly and they are both close to 10lbs. I am giving myself 15 hours but if they aren't done by then, they aren't done. 
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    After being burned by under estimating time more than once I always figure 2 hours per pound...allows for the inevitable stall, occasional opening of the smoker and Murphys Law. If done early it can always happily rest in a cooler or the microwave. Also, if you are sticking a cold 10 pound piece of pig in a cold smoker ( I run electric) it's gonna take some time to just start warming up. You can foil if you want but the bark will be compromised by so doing.....Willie
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    rgauthier20420 is correct -- cook by TEMPERATURE not time. Invest in a quality digital thermometer.

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