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  1. Have a question for you guys that use the pre packaged kits.  It seems like most are geared for 25 pound batches.  It's just me and my wife here, my daughter does still some of them. But I would prefer to make five pound batches at a time.  Can most or any of the kits be broken down to that size?  That seven pepper snack stick sounds good, but don't want to do 25 pounds, only five.


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    I don't know if they all do, but Curley's does have instructions on 5 pound or higher batches using a higher amount bag.  For example I buy a pack enough to do 100 pounds but from that I make the amounts I want at the time.  Larger amounts are cheaper to buy than smaller packs. From them you can buy packs as small as 10 pound batches or larger packs that you can use as is or divide up into smaller portions.  I would think other producers have instructions on making smaller batches out of larger packs as well.  Reinhard
  3. Reinhard

    Thanks for the quick reply.  What is Curley' full name?  When I do a search for just Curley's, I get all kinds of stuff.


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    PS Seasoning makes a seasoning package for the 7 pepper blend that will make 12.5 lbs as well as the 25 lb package.  Nothing smaller than that.  I think the 12.5 lb package is 6.99 and the 25 lb package is 11.99.  I think all of their seasonings (brat, sticks, smoked sausage, etc) can all be purchased in either 12.5 or 25 lb kits.
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    I do 5 lb batches all the time. Just divide the seasoning pac (I do it by weight) to the correct amount for the amount of meat you want to use.

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    :yeahthat: .. You need an electronic scale that weights in grams... This "Big Batch" thing won't last long.... you will be into your own mixes etc... You will need to weigh cure in small amounts.. recipe repeatability is needed.... Your OWN homemade sausage will be something better than you can buy and will make you and family proud....
  7. I have two scales; one is for weights up to 8 kilograms and will get down to plus or minus one gram the other is a precision laboratory balance that will weigh up to 120 grams and down to very small fractions of a gram. . 8 kilos is almost 18 pounds and that is approaching the limits of my mixing bowl.

    I like to mix my spices to suit my taste so I do many test batches of less than a pound.
  8. Can you guys give some the names of the scales you are using.  I did a search on the site, the one that (I think Pop's) uses, that web site for righton doesn't work.  I search Amazon also.  I found a few that looked good.  Most of the reviews were good, but I noticed that those were provided (free I think) to get reviews.  All the bad reviews were from people who sounded like they bought them.


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    Something similar to these would be good.... I have 2 scales similar to each of these... Do not try to purchase one scale that will weigh meat and cure accurately... Get 1 scale for cure / spices etc... about 100 to 500 gram maximum.... and then a scale to weigh meat... mine is 55#'s .... great for weighing butts and slabs of pork belly.... In the 0-100 gram range... not so good.... usually +/- 2 grams at best and that doesn't work for weighing cure and spices... not near close enough...
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    I've bought and tried several different seasonings of his all have been good. We use theground bacon seasoning and it's very good. I use it to make venison bacon.
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    I bought an AWS scale on Amazon for around 20 bucks and it works fine for me .
  12. dirtsailor2003

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    Harbor freight has a good digital scale that goes up to 12 pounds (converts to grams and ounces) it's on sale right now for $19.99.
  13. My larger scale is a "My Weigh KD8000" if you google it that way it will come up.
  14. I don't think that my precision balance is still manufactured. It is a torsion balance that uses weights on one pan and the product in the other pan.
  15. Thanks for all the good help guys. I just ordered the gram scale that Dave pointed out.

    Appreciate the help.

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