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    So I have a problem ... I've been smoking for a couple years but really started to get into just last year. I currently have a Char Griller Duo with a side firebox .. a few basic mods but I've decided that I want to up my game so I'm looking for a really good smoker. Now my problem comes from my wife .. someplace back a friend told her to always "buy the best you can afford" .. she applies that to most everything and is convinced it's sound advice. I don't want to tell you how much I spent on her sewing machine .. but she insists that it works better and makes sewing more enjoyable.. so who's to argue?

    I started looking and she, being the web crawler she is started to help research .. she came up with the BGE as an all around top unit. I am really most interested in smoking but I admit a pizza or good seared steak would not go unappreciated.  I did some looking and find a Kamodo Joe .. from what I can tell is almost a duplicate .. a couple review had them very neck-in-neck each  having an advantage in one area or another but not on any huge points ...

    The Joe .. at least here in the midwest is a couple hundreds bucks cheaper once I equipment them alike .. the wife thinks I'm being cheap .. I'm just thinking that these two units are some much the same that it;s a oush .. that the diff can buy some add-ons to make the Joe even beter.

    I'm wondering  what you guys think .. I know many have much more experience than I do and would love to hear any opinions on these two .. I guess including "neither one" .. as long as there is something to back it up ..

    Thanks in advance
  2. The Joe comes with most of the accessories you would add to the BGE from what I understand.

    Costco is currently having Kamado Joe road shows with some deep discounts.

    Kamado grills are definitely a great thing to cook on. I have a Vision M currently.

    I'm looking at something larger and am seriously leaning toward a Kamado Joe after much shopping/comparisons.

    Check out the Kamado Guru forums. They are Kamado specific and have excellent information on all the major brands, and some minor brands as well.
  3. You basically can't go wrong with any of the top Kamado grills, they will all do a very good job. I just went through the process you are going through now. Take a good look at what comes with the Kamado Joe vs the BGE, also check out the Divide and Conquer grill system, on the KJ and see how much more versatile it is. Next thing is check out the bands and hinge system and see how much stronger it is on the KJ. Then look at the warranty differences. The BGE Warranty states, if you use any accessory not made by BGE your warranty is void.

    Needless to say I chose the Kamado Joe Big Joe for my new grill. I have been extremely happy with my choice and cooks are a dream with it. I also like Red much better then Green anyway.

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