Best way to smoke 20lb boneless pork shoulder??

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  1. I have a side fire upright smoker and a 20lb boneless pork shoulder roast.  If I cut it in to quarters ( approx 5 lbs. each) do I smoke them for the same amount of time as for 1 5lb roast, or do I still have to smoke it for like 20 hours?
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    If you cut them up, you will definitely shrink your cook time.
  3. pineywoods

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    Your cook time will be reduced to whatever the largest cut of meat weighs usually
  4. maybe just a tad more time , I would check the internal temps you might need to rotate them a few times.
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    Yes you will cook those (4) roasts as if you were smoking 1. Depending on your smoker temp that could be anywhere from 1.5hours per pound to 2.5 hours per pound to get to an IT of 205.

    I'd plan on around 12-13 hours in the smoke and another hour foiled and resting before pulling. Be sure and check each individual roasts IT. They more than likely won't all finish at the exact time.
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  6. Thanks everyone!  I really appreciate the help!

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