best way to flush propane

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  1. What's the best way to flush out a propane tank to prep for cutting
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    Have a propane service pump out the remaining propane and remove the fittings for you....  fill with water and dish detergent to clean out the oil residue from the methyl mercaptan they add for odor.... It is also flammable....  Also, ask the propane company what they recommend and how they recommend cleaning the tank so it can be cut on...   any spark could cause an explosion until all residue has been removed....  I do not recommend cleaning a tank in a residential neighborhood....  You could find yourself in serious trouble from the fire marshal or some other government agency....   If they get a call about propane smell in the neighborhood and every emergency dep't. rolls on a call, you could be in very deep doo-doo.....

  3. I live way out in the woods so the po po is no issue lol I am gonna carry it by and get it fixed up. Thanks

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