Best use for my Mini Chief!

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  1. I bought this little bugger about 20 years ago and found out very quickly that is NOT an even somewhat adequate smoker.  I tried making some jerky a couple of times and gave up after the second try.  So, it has been sitting in it's box for the last 20 years or so.  Started reading about cold smoking when I first joined up on here and was excited, but not so much.  Living in south Louisiana is not the best place to do cold smoking of temperature sensitive foods.  On top of that my 30" MES is so well insulated I didn't think it would work to well down here even with hard cheeses.

    Then I remembered the Mini Chief!  I had to wait for a cold day down here (below 50) and gave it a try.  Worked great even with butter.  The pics on this post the temp started in the high 40's but got into the lower 60's by the time the smoking was done.  The butter melted a tad, just glad I used a q-mat under the sticks.  Otherwise I'm sure the all would have fallen through.

    Bear with me as this is my first post with pictures!

    2lbs of extra sharp cheddar, one small block of pepper jack (trying it out) and one pound of butter.


    Here be the little bugger.  AMNPS with apple pellets smoking away, you can just make out the TBS.

    The finished products after about 3 hours of smoke.  Hard to tell in the pics but the cheese did take on some color and smells great!

    Vacuumed sealed everything up and put in the fridge.  I already have six pounds of cheddar, 2 pounds of Colby jack and 3 sticks of butter.  I might have one more opportunity to get one more batch down before it becomes to warm again.

    Now, don't all you folks that complained about a little bit of snow here and there feel a little bit guilty?  We have to plan our cold smokes down here, not like we have an entire winter to do them.[​IMG]
  2. Looks good and Geaux Tigahs!!
  3. The weather cooled off enough today that I could smoke a block of American today.  First time trying American and I used apple pellets.  More of an experiment and hoping it comes out good, if not great!
  4. I bought a little chief a while back and came to the same conclusion. I almost got rid of it but It does do a heck of job cold smoking with AMNTS. The little chief has a whole new life and purpose. Good looking cheese and pepper jack is my favorite. something about that little bit of heat mixed with the smoke is just delicious.

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