Best temp for pulling?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by iconnolly, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. iconnolly

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    I have plenty of time today so i can stop my 5.6lbs pork butt at any point between 195 to 205. Will it pull better at 205 than 195?

    Also, thinking i'll let it rest, foiled in the cooler for 1 hour. Would 2 hrs be better??

  2. dirtsailor2003

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    I like to take mine to 200°-205°. this allows the fats and the connective tissues to really break down and melt into the meat. It will still pull fine at 195°. I rest for at least an hour. Two would be fine. I've even pulled it the next day (refridge over night). I also believe that pulled pork is better a day or two after the smoke. gives the meat and flavors time to meld.
  3. Most butts will pull better at 205 than 195. I've actually starting probing at 195 with a chop stick. I just stick the butt in a bunch of different places and if there's zero resistance, I know it's time to pull. 2 hours will allow more time to juices to redistribute and it'll still stay warm.
  4. I pull at 205 º  or when the blade bone, with just a little wiggle and tug pulls out clean

  5. iconnolly

    iconnolly Newbie

    Cool thanks! 205 it is, and will rest for as long as i can stand it!!
  6. mdboatbum

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    To further complicate the responses, I like to take mine off when the outer inch or two hits 205°. That usually means the middle is in the 195° range. This, for me, is the perfect combination of textures. Super soft meat on the exterior and strands with a little more texture in the middle. I've taken them to 205° In the middle but find, again, for me, the texture is a little too soft.
  7. noboundaries

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    203-205F IT for me is my sweet spot.  Seems to be best for my tastes.  I've pulled at lower temps and had parts that were a little tough but it was still good.  I've gone higher (fell asleep) and it was too mushy for me but the non-smoker folks at the party didn't notice at all!      
  8. All these new fangled temp gauges, temp controllers and instant read sure make life easier. When I first started out didn't have any of those, strictly by looks, feel, and testing.  Kinda like digital never thought it would ever take the place of film !    course when I started smoking, there weren't any laptops, cell phones or internet,  Wow I'm getting old !   also remember gas at $.22 to $.24 a gal. and have gas wars and would drop to $.18


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