Best propane burner?

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by castiron, May 11, 2013.

  1. castiron

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    My smoker has a 1/2" pipe almost the width of the fb with small holes drilled 3/4" inch apart.

    This pipe has desintegrated, so I was wondering if there might be a better burner than this.

    I can get more pipe and do it the same as it was, I also have an old buner off a fish/turkey fryer.

    Or do you have a better recomendation?


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  2. I have a Weber gas grill that I have owned for many years that has stainless steel burner tubes. It still works like new. 
  3. castiron

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    I have some 3/4" stainless pipe I was going to use if the pipe makes the better burner.  This burner is used to burn wood on the grate above it.
  4. It think my Weber gas grill is about 12-14 years old now. Stainless burner tubes still look like new. The small drilled holes in these stainless steel burners are still round and crisp and clean looking. I will never buy another grill that doesn't have stainless steel burner tubes.    
  5. castiron

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    I would imagine those would be pretty expensive.

    Anyone else with a burner in the firebox?
  6. castiron

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    Well decided the turkey frier burner would fill up with debris to easliy so I re-did the pipe burner with a piece of stainless steel pipe and hopefully will not have to ever replace it again.  I put the holes basically back as they were in the old pipe, although the original was a smaller pipe.

    Here's some pictures with the gas all the way down and another with it up just a little bit.

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  7. I know its a little late, but maybe this will help someone else out.

    There are two pipe burner designs I use, both usually made out of schedule 40 black iron pipe, 3/4" to 1 1/4" in diameter.  One style I will drill the holes in two lines, 45* from each other along the length of the pipe. The other is to cut slots with a thin cut off wheel across the bottom edge of the pipe,

    Drilling the holes will give you more of an even, efficient , and cleaner burn on the propane and I use that in the cooking chamber. A single pipe burner with a high pressure regulator will put out amazing BTU.  But you have to protect the holes from grease drippings with a grease shield or they will get clogged up. So I do not use this style in a firebox.

    The pipe burner with slots cut along the bottom is less efficient, you will have an uneven flame with a lot of "yellow" . But , it does not require a shield because it protects itself, so it works great for fire starters where you do not have much room and don't run it for very long periods of time.

    This is a drilled 3/4" burner , it sits under a reverse flow plate so as it does not need a grease sheild either.

  8. michael ark

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    That a pretty flame.wiz. What size orfice did you use ? That at both of you. Cast are you useing this a just a log lighter or as a heat to boot.
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    You did well, now send some Q-view of your cooks.[​IMG]
  10. It will hold the cooker at up to 400* easy, probably more during the day in the summer. I use it to preheat, re-heat after washing it to dry it out, and keep warm after cooking cycle is over. Its five ft pipe with over 48" of burner holes.
  11. castiron

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    I use it for heat and throw the logs on for smoke.

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