Best place for A-maze-N tube in Masterbuilt

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by normbo, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I plan on smoking 2 shoulders this weekend in preparation for Canada Day.  I recently got the A-Maze-N tube for cold smoking and this thing is awesome.  I've used it a couple times for hot smokes but it always burns too fast because of the heat source below.  I have a masterbuilt dual fuel smoker.  I've done all the mods but no matter where I put the tube, it seems to burn too fast.  Full tube gives me about 3 hours and man does it smoke.

    Any of you have this setup?  Have you found that perfect place to place the tube?  Have any of you made some mods for the tube?
  2. cholla

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    I usually put a small foil tray on the bottom shelf to catch most of the drippings and put the tube smoker next to that, above the heating element. I have tried putting it on the floor but drippings will get on it and have caught fire.
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    I have not tried it but some guys have used large Paper Clips bent into " S " hooks to hang their AMNPS maze under the bottom rack with a small foil tent over it to block grease. Placed away from the heat source, I can't see why this technique would not work for a Tube as well. In fact, it probably generates enough smoke to hang it from just about any rack but the top one...JJ
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