Best method to light lump?

Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by socalq, May 20, 2013.

  1. I smoked a rib-eye roast this weekend (which turned out great!). I used lump charcoal for the first time. I found that it burned evenly and held temps pretty well.

    The only question I had was how to best start it. I used the "Minion Method" that I've been using for briquettes, but it seemed to take a VERY long time for the lump to get up to temp. Is there another (i.e., better) way to get lump charcoal going?

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    I use a starter chiminy, usually about 1/3 full. Then I place it on my gas grill side burner to get it going. Get it going really good, all charcoal should be lit and have some white ash and glowing red. The more you start with the hotter your smoking temps will be. You have to play with it to see how much to start with, but always start with a low amount and work up. Hope that helps!
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    Agreed, a Starter Chimney is the way to go for me. Works every time and it is nice because you can get more coals going on the side and add them in already hot when needed.
  4. That's exactly how I start briquettes, but was wondering if there was another (or better) method for lump. Thanks for your comments!
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    Nope - you start lump the same as the briquets. If you are having a problem getting the temps up, leave the smoker open after you dump the half chimney of lit on the pile. This gives it a chance to get some good oxygen and gets the temps going up before you damp it down.
  6. Look at home depot for a charcoal starter.  They're cheap, and light it in 5-10 min.  I use that to start wood in my smoker.

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