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Discussion in 'SMF News' started by bustintires, May 11, 2011.

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    Yup this show really is not putting out good Q for sure and these guys are certaily much better than they are presenting in this show. I give them props for creativity but this is not what represents what we do. 

    Rumor has it that Famous Dave is a chain smoker [​IMG]
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    You know I understand that most of the viewing public is not interested in watching someone prep a piece of meat, start the smoker, put the meat on the smoker and then sit around for 14 hours in a lounge chair, watching television and drinking beer.

    But I would be interested in watching someone respected in the trade making rubs and sauces, doing prep and producing a finished product.  Even talking about the different spices, how they change the taste profile of the rub or sauce, the different woods and their flavors.

    Only problem is that the only people watching would be members of SMF who spend hours talking about that anyway so why sit in front of the boob tube?
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    I think there is one more episode left. It definitely wasn't what I expected but I watch it because there is nothing else on that is interesting.
  4. Well, at least we actually got to see them smoke some meat last night. My wife and I are having a great debate over who the show has set up to win. I'm betting on Famous Dave since he did all the pre-show publicity on the web -- but she thinks it's Matt. Figures they just want the tattooed New Yorker to win for shock effect. Personally, it seems to me like Chris has the best bbq chops -- although he might not be the best "overall chef". Hated to see Brad go home just because he is so enthusiastic -- but I had heard "Get Fed at the Shed!" just about one too many times!.
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    Why you tossing out names? I didn't! You must work there.[​IMG]
  6. meateater

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    Not much. 
  7. bustintires

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    made up my mind. im out. rather watch an old episode of aqua teen hunger force, more in touch with reality.[​IMG]
  8. I was hoping for so much more for this show. I love to watch these competition shows and this one is a disappointment. I do have to say though i like the guys from Mississippi's pit. I would love to have it. However with that being said i was so glad to see him go. I keep watching since I am new to this i have been watching in hopes of learning something  to help me. Not sure if it is saying much or not but i have learned more from my new book and only 10 pages into it that i have in the 3 shows i have seen.
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    I could not believe it when I saw that girl the first week, she was on Hell's Kitchen a couple of seasons ago. This total waste product was a constant whiner, and was a salad prep cook or in some other entry level B.S. position, competing for a Exec. Chef position in a super high end restaurant. She could not complete the most basic task without help, so how in Gods name did she end up as a Q caterer and competing for $50K on this show?  Oh well not surprised she bit the dust the first week...JJ
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    Just remember to win a BBQ challenge in NYC, put on by the Foodnetwork You better be able to smoke some dang TOFU!!!!!! [​IMG]    [​IMG]     [​IMG]     [​IMG]   Matt shanked all the rest and wins with TOFU!    [​IMG]      What a joke. Well at least the let em smoke for a full fourteen hours today, instead of two and then gripe because the food wasn't perfect. [​IMG]
  11. so ms smoker

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       Now THAT'S funny!  I had a good laugh. Don't worry, I have been to the abbreviations page many times myself.
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    Well, I told meownself that I wasn't going to watch this show but somehow the t.v. ended up on the Food Network and Best in Smoke was on. Oh yeah now I remember- NASCAR was on and Ma had control of the remote. [​IMG] While watching I thought "Okay, two teams competing out of vending carts-maybe this show has some merit after all.  Well that thought went up in smoke when during the Chicken Cook-off Challenge between Dave and Brad when Brad put on a gas mask so he could finish cooking the chicken. I shouted at Brad to "cowboy up and cook like a man and anybody with half a brain would have sense enough to get out of the way of the smoke!" At that point, I told Ma that I hope Brad loses to Dave and changed the t.v. back to the race. [​IMG]

    Oh and this was the second to last episode? Oh Goody- I think I'll pop a good ol' John Wayne movie in the VCR when the last episode airs or maybe DVR an episode of Triple D to watch in that time slot.

    Ok-big breath in-big breath out. Rant mode now "OFF". [​IMG]
  13. I thought the show was so staged and a gimmic. I mean these guys are already rich or already have bbq joints. I mean come on, famous daves. He needs to be monitoring his franchise rather than compete at a bbq cookoff. Let the average joe or someone from the site be in the show. I think some of the qview post i see on this site is way better than that show.
  14. meateater

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    The Food Network should be ashamed! [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]  [​IMG]
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    Tofu that taste's like fried chicken?

    Hey..................Atleast Lang     won!!!

    I'm satisfied with that   [​IMG]
  16. Here's one GOOD thing that came out of the show. I was so frustrated with the judging that I sent Chris Lilly an email via the "Contact Us" at BBG's BBQ Restaurant. Today I got a personal reply from Chis himself and an invitation to stop by and talk BBQ. He is every bit the genuine nice guy he came across as on the show. Not to say the other competitors weren't also -- but you gotta be impressed by a guy who takes time out to personally reply to emails from people he's never heard of.
  17. You guy's should have seen the look on my face when Chris squished that butt with one hand like that I am pretty sure I drooled on my shirt lol
  18. I guess as a woman I am more tolerant of these types of shows, but I can honestly say if I never hear " Come and get fed at The Shed by Famous Dave" I will be happy again! LOL!!
  19. Never really had came in my mind that Dave is a chain smoker.
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    Well I watched the whole show and I'm personally glad that Matt won. See I have been to "Famous Dave's Place" and Brad's "The Shed" and even to Matt's place "Fetta Sau" by the way means fat pig in french. To me the shed is terrible and meat is swimming in sauce cause the meat is boiled first. I have never seen chicken or brisket that had less taste then this place. Now I have been to both of them Mississippi, mobile and had the same thing the sampler plate. As for Dave's it was alittle better but still most of us here could smoke better tasting food then I ate there too. I do however understand that most the food we eat is fresh out of the cooler and it's at the peak time to eat it. But you can tell when the meat has very little flavor except for the sauce. Now for Fetta Sau in Brooklyn, NY one it is the other licensed smoker in all of Brooklyn. The food there was really pretty good the brisket was tender and flavorful. The ribs were good and almost fall off the bone and PP was tasty too. Now for the sauces 2 of the 3 were good but stay away for the mustard based I think they mixed it with caulk and pepto-bismal. I still think that I could have out cooked them myself and some of the folks here that I have had the pleasure of eating their Q. So if your in Mississippi and you see the sign for the Shed........PUNCH IT. But if your in Brooklyn stop hang out in line cause there will be one and eat up it's worth the wait.
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