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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by sprky, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    If this question has been asked before I apologize. I don't have time to search threw the threads, for this. I did a quick search and didn't locate anything so I'm posting.

    I love a good hot link but what I have found in the store is lacking. don't get me wrong some have been fairly good just lacking in heat. If I had the time and equipment I would try making some of my own, at this time that isn't an option. What I am looking for is input on the best hot links that I can buy and cook up. I know most of you sausage heads make your own, and I would like to myself, but I just don't have the time or all the equipment to do it at this time. 

    I realize every one has there own opinion on the best, and not everyone will agree. What I am wanting is input on what you feel is the best, and I will try them and see if that's what I am looking for.  AS always i welcome any and all input. 

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. sprky

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    WOW I'm shocked 47 views and no one has made a comment. I am just asking for input on what you feel is the best hot link. 
  3. It's hard to find good store bought sausage, that's why many of us make our own....oh, and hot links ain't sold in this area...good or bad. :biggrin:

  4. Sprky, I've made these a few times and they are very good. I kick up the heat a little more, plus I add half white and half black pepper.

    Texas Hot Links
    From the kitchen of Kevin Taylor, the BBQ Guru

    1 (6 pound) pork butt
    1 bottle beer
    2 tablespoons black pepper, coarsely ground
    2 tablespoons red pepper, crushed
    2 tablespoons cayenne pepper
    2 tablespoons paprika
    3 tablespoons kosher (coarse) salt
    2 tablespoons mustard seed
    1/4 cup garlic, minced
    1 tablespoon garlic powder
    1 tablespoon MSG (optional)
    1 teaspoon Tender Quick
    1 teaspoon bay leaves , ground
    1 teaspoon coriander
    1 teaspoon thyme, dried

    Mix all spices with beer.
    Grind pork for sausage.
    Mix beer/spices thoroughly into the meat.
    Form into sausage links and grill or smoke.
  5. boykjo

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    Hey sprky.  do a google search for super hot link sausage. There are plenty of online stores if nothing is available local..........

  6. My boyfriend will not no way eat hot dogs. He does however like Earl Campbell's Hot Links - which we found here at the big box store several years ago - and of course they quit carrying them this year. Never found them back east though. I can order them if all else fails from his website.

  7. couger78

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    Most hot links I buy at the store I have not been happy with. They all seemed to taste 'artificial' with plenty of heat but no real 'meaty' taste. Often really too salty as well.

    I have bought some from our local ethnic butcher (carniceria) that were quite good! Made me want to make some myself...which I did! [​IMG]

  8. Oh Wow those look so good! Is it a secret recipe?
  9. couger78

    couger78 Smoking Fanatic

    Nope, no secret.

    I modified the original as it would've been way TOO hot for my tastes. Still packed plenty of heat![​IMG]

    I posted the recipe I used in this thread:

  10. okchot

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    Try Rogers Meat Market in Oklahoma City, they have 3 levels regular, double x and triple x, you can find them on the web:grilling_smilie:

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