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  1. Hey people,
    I'm and a keen fisher and just bought a smoker to take with me as nothing's better than fresh fish on the beach.
    The smoker is a travel one with three liquid fuel burners under the tray. Seems a good burner. Made by fladen the fishing make. The problem is, it says it's an all weather smoker but after filling and lighting the burners with paraffin oil (manafacture recommends) I let the burners warm up and then place tray over but 10 mins later they go out like there starved of oxygen.
    Any ideas, could there be a better fuel to use or any other ideas.

    Thank you all.
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    I just went and checked the smoker you have. The youtube video I watched say's to use methylated spirits which is denatured alcohol for fuel. Here is the video I watched.

    Here is another video

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  3. Perfect thank you. Thats the exact smoker. Ill try that tomorrow and then all goes well then it will be snoked sea bass for tea
  4. red dog

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    There you go! Love some smoked bass. I have it with beer though! No tea for this yank. Post some pcs of your smoke for us if you can.
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  5. Yea beer for me too, tea is a word for dinner over here

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