Best electric smoker for a max $500 budget.

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  1. I've research the reviews here, consumer reports, ect.  The main use will be for smoking Link Sausage which means I need something 40" or close to in size.  Budget is max $500 although I would rather go around $300.  I would like any recommendations on ones that would be a good purchase or ones that I should be skeptical about.  Thank-you.
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    You can make a really big one for under $400, if you want to make your own controller, it can be much cheaper than buying the Auberins.  This would give you a lot of area to hang sausage, at about 35 inches tall.

    55gallon drum from craigslist - $25

    1 stainless rack and hardware - $20

    Heating element - $40

    Auberins - $215

    AMNPS - $40

    Mailbox Mod ~ $30
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