Best Breakfast Sausage I have Made.

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  1.  I have made a lot  different types of sausage using different receipts.  My wife who is from Georgia said my breakfast sausage did not taste like "back home". Well I found this and she just loves it.  I have been making patties with my hamburger press(a sheet of paper between each patty) and it works out great, fries up fast. I make about 25, freeze them on a tray then in a zip lock bag.

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    Cool.... Its amazing how many breakfast sausage recipe's are out there and trying to find that one that stands out from all the rest....
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  4.  Is it a secret, or are you going to share? 

     I've made Pops' recipe and it is very good. I just add a bit of red pepper flakes. I freeze them the same way you do. It works very well.

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    Yes would love you to expand on this aswell :)
  6. Sorry Chuck don't know if you were "talking" to me or Pop 6927. In any case what you see is a container of Sausage Maker's pre mix Georgia Special sausage spices, It is about $8.00 for that container which makes 50 lb.of sausage. As you can see that is less then 20 cents a pound. I  have  been making sausage for 25 years+(I am 78), Italian Sausage for the most. I must confess, I did add a pinch of crushed red pepper.  The other part of my post is the hamburger maker press.  The press was about $8.00 and 1000 sheets of paper about $8.00.(amazon).  Now I get nice even patties, hamburger or sausage. The press is adjustable for thickness.  For the record I am in no way associated with Sausage Maker Co., Youn may want to go to their web page.
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    Glad you are liking those sausages.

  8.  Silly Me. It's right there in the picture and I couldn't see the forest because of all the trees. Like I said, I've made Pops6927 breakfast sausage recipe and I liked it a lot. Pops is one of our resident meat gurus. You should give his a try (small batch). The recipe is in his signature line.

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    Give Pops a try your wife will be very happy..Its deff a down home one and so easy...great taste..
  10. I have made some using a similar receipt, however it has too much sage for us. Having said that I will at my next batch make some and will give you some honest feed back.


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