Best BBQ joints around the US???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by travisty, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. travisty

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    Hey everyone!

    What are some of your favorite BBQ establishments from around the country? What's their best thing? Why do you love them?

    Haven't been to too many places around the country, but some of my favorites are:

    -Rollin Smoke BBQ (Las Vegas) (Awesome Pulled Pork, and mustard sauce)

    -Patts BBQ (SLC, UT) (Crazy good Ribs)

    -Smoking Bones BBQ (Bountiful, UT) (Amazing Brisket)
  2. noboundaries

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    I'm surprised there hasn't been more interest in this thread. 

    Anyone who has lived east of the Rocky mountains has a better grasp of good BBQ than the folks out here in California.  BBQ out here is pretty much defined as grillin'.  We're such a melting pot of cultures that Tri tip grilled over a red oak fire on an Argentinian grill is probably the only as close as you'll get to true California BBQ that isn't tied to a Mexican or Asian culture. 

    That said our favorite BBQ place in town is Back Forty Texas BBQ, a place that grew out of a tiny kitchen.

    The only other BBQ restaurant we visit is close to our kids, about 3 hours away over on the coast:  Aptos Street BBQ.  They have a big 84" offset smoker beside the restaurant they use for catering.  When I saw that smoker the first time I knew it was the real deal. 
  3. travisty

    travisty Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Yeah, me too! I figured it would be a hot one, people all like to talk about their favorite places right?
  4. I seek out BBQ when ever I travel.  I don't travel a lot but here are some of my favorites.

    Midland, TX- KD's BBQ.  Their sausage tastes like it has been smoked for 24 hours but still has a crisp casing and very juicy.  The jalepeno sausage is my favorite.  And the Peach Cobbler is amazing.

    Nashville, TN- Jack's The pork shoulder is the best and theri brisket isn't bad either.  And save room for the chess pie.

                         - Best ribs I had in Nashville are at Rippy's.

    Denver, CO - Yazoo, Gotta have the Bob.  a bit of a chicken breast with jalepeno and wrapped in bacon.
  5. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Just so you know I didn't ignore this thread !!  Seriously, there is ZERO !!

    I don't know of any BBQ Joints around here, except on my front porch, and down the driveway at my Son's house.

  6. We only have one around here as well. About a half hour motorcycle ride from here. Louie's Bucket of Bones. Pretty good for Minnesota I suppose, we like it.
  7. freiesleben

    freiesleben Meat Mopper

    1. Kreuz Market in Lockhart, TX is the best BBQ I have ever had. Their chicken especially(really nice and moist). They do not have any sauce as they do not want to "hide" anything.

    2. Killen's BBQ in Pearland, TX(just south of Houston). Their beef ribs are amazing :) 
  8. I have to say Ridgewood BBQ, about 3 miles from my home. If you are ever in the North East corner of Tennessee check it out. You can't get near it when the race is in Bristol.

    From a 2014 newspaper article found by google:

    BLUFF CITY, Tenn. — The rest of Tennessee now knows what residents in the Tri-Cities have understood for a long time — Ridgewood Barbecue has the best barbecue in Tennessee.

    The iconic restaurant, tucked away on Elizabethton Highway, was voted the top barbecue spot in an online Facebook poll by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. Ridgewood beat out 30 other barbecue places around the state, including the well-known Rendezvous in Memphis.
  9. thesmokist

    thesmokist Meat Mopper

    South St smokehouse lafayette Indiana. They have some some of the best que and house made sauces I've ever had!
  10. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I'll bet I was real close to that in 1970.

    Drove to Ft Hood from Near Philly.

    Entered TN on I-81 NE tip, and left TN on I-40 SE tip.

    Divided the trip into thirds & laid over both nights in TN.

    Kinda funny---1700+ mile trip & spend both nights in the same state!!

  11. Next time come by and I'll go over with you. It would have been here then, started in the mid 50's about the same time I was born, I've heard it began as a beer joint. Interesting info if you google it, Ridgewood is a little different than anything I've ever had other places. I think it has hardly changed since I was a kid, a long time ago.

    Yeah TN is long and we are in the far corner, I think I may be closer to Canada than Memphis. Would like to visit Memphis sometime but I don't like to travel. 
  12. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    LOL----Yup, my traveling days are over.

    I was a Young Stud back then. 7 months later I ETS'd out of the Army & drove home non-stop, except for fuel.

    Drove 1,735 miles in 23 hours.  Best day of my life (Getting out of the Army).

  13. Have to get by Rendevous in Memphis. All my travels I'm never found one I like better. It's built in a basement section of the building is in. Great ambience. Great history too.
  14. travisty

    travisty Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    That's a good stretch Bear! Anyone drive the ALCAN? We moved from UT to AK (and since back) several years ago and drove all the way with everything we owned packed in our sedan! The first stretch I did 38 hours straight! thought I was gonna go crazy so we took it easy after that. Anyway there was a little fish camp near Toad River in Canada that sells amazing cinnamon rolls, and if you happen to be passing by when they are out smoking they make some crazy good BBQ, they don't really do it as a business but if your lucky they will share with you!
  15. muralboy

    muralboy Smoking Fanatic

    Bluegrass in Highland Park IL.  Specialize in BBQ and Cajun - what a great combo. As with any good Q joint the smoke everything in house.  Ribs, pulled pork, brisket - never had a bad meal

    The other choice is Smoque in Chicago.  it's been written up several times as a top rib joint.  Its one of the no pretense kind of places where you order at the counter and the food is served on metal pans.

    Good stuff!
  16. I ate there a couple of years ago and was very disappointed  ... I'd heard it changed hands
  17. jcbigler

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    I hear Franklin's in Austin, TX is pretty good. 

    Have eaten at both Lockhart Smoke House and Pecan Lodge in Dallas and they are both head and shoulders above anything else I have eaten anywhere. 
  18. jackhass

    jackhass Newbie

    There is a little truck stop in Jolley Tx.They serve a pretty good Brisket.
  19. bbqwillie

    bbqwillie Smoking Fanatic

    Well in the Boston area....

    There is

    FireFly's in Marlbrough - They started off great but turned into a "chain" real quick. The quality went downhill fast.

    Red Bones in Sommerville - long time establishment, pretty decent BBQ but not the best I've had. They do make a good pecan pie though.

    Carnivores in Milford - relatively new but inconsistent in quality. I've had really good BBQ there and so-so BBQ there. My wife loves their potato salad.

    Those are your choices... Best bet is to call me and I'll throw some ribs or a pork butt on. You can come eat at my place. My BBQ is a lot better than theirs.
  20. Franklin's can arguably boast the worlds best brisket. Sold out every day since he opened. I like smiths and blacks in Lockhart and the sausage in Luiling. Q has to be good in Lockhart or it won't be in business long. Too many joints there.

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