Best BBQ in Kansas City?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 13spicerub, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. 13spicerub

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    sorry if this isn't the right forum but i figured i'd come to where people know the best Q.

    traveling to Kansas City, MO for work soon.

    staying near country club plaza.  i see there's a jack stack and a gates bbq.  i've heard of arthur bryants.  

    if i only have one place to try, where should i go?
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  2. My favorites (in order):
    1. Q39
    2. Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que
    3. Woodyard BBQ
    4. Danny Edwards Boulevard BBQ (only open for lunch)
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  3. stlbassman

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    I also will be visiting KC... I saw Slap's BBQ on Pitmasters, I'm thinking about giving them a try as well.  Thanks for the recommended list
  4. 13spicerub

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    thanks. i think we're gonna check out the woodyard
  5. So many great joints, but LC's gets my vote.
  6. Nothing against Gate's and Jack's
    but the day you open a franchise location you take a step to being homogenized.
    Again. love 'em both, but...

    My choice would be to look for a single store shop.
    I usually get my BBQ from Bob, John, Randy, ... friends.
    The best comes from the backyards of people I know.

    If you're schedule will allow it,
    take a high end recommendation, like Bryant's.
    and then hit two random tables you find on Google.

    But if you leave town without a full collection of Gate's sauces,
    we'll have to hunt you down.
    That would be an unforgivable sin.
  7. Lived in KC area most f my life. I would pass on Gates. . If you get south if I435 try Jon Russels .Small place but really good. Otherwise I like jacks, KC joes, The Woodyard and Bryant's. Bryant's will be a unique experience if you go to the original location. Haywards is good too but you have to like his style sauce.
  8. bluewhisper

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    KC is on my bucket list, haven't been there yet. At least I had some business trips in the South that gave me opportunities to try some Q in a few states. That was fun - roll down an exit ramp and there's some little Q shack waiting for me.
  9. Russel's is one I haven't been to, but it's one that a good number of folks have recommended.

    Did Bryant's open another shop?
    Oh smudge. I googled it and I'm next door to Legends.
    I'll go try, but the copies just tend more to not be the same.

    Why can't we just build bigger and better in the West Bottoms instead of having two stores?
    Put it in the middle where we can all get to it.
    They're wondering what to do with Kemper.
    BBQ heaven sounds like a good idea.

    Why should the The Plaza get all the glory?
    Let's build a 670 strip.
    Can you imagine how good it would smell to drive over that?
  10. KC joes is a good place to pick up an assortment of rubs

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