Besat Way to light fire in SFB Pit without lid?

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by torchrider, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. torchrider

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    I have a side fire box smoker that only has a side door, no top door. What is the best way to light lump charcoal with this setup? Obvioulsy cant use a charcoal chimney. When do I add the smoking chunks? After the tempm is correct inside the smoker?
  2. realtorterry

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    I use these very small fire starter packets. I don't know if that would influence any taste as far as that goes? But they do get very hot fast & should get you going. As for teh chunks I start putting mine on when Im VERY close to temp, just cause I want it there when Im ready, but don't want to waste nay more fuel then need be.
  3. mballi3011

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    Have you ever heard of a weed burner or just try using a torch maybe like a soldering torch. You know a little propane tank with a wand on it with a noozle for the fire.
  4. jirodriguez

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    Another thing you can do is use your chimney to light about 6-10 briquets (or med sized lump). Then use BBQ tongs to transfer the lit pieces to the unlit stuff in the firebox. Just make sure to leave the box door open initialy to let it get plenty of air while it gets the rest lit. Once you have a good amount lit and going close the door and adjust your damper.
  5. tulsajeff

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    I think this job calls for a weed burner.. not only does it work great, it is way more fun than any man should have[​IMG]

    My wife just looks at me and shakes her head..

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