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  1. How many on here are familiar with the Berkshire hog and use the meat for BBQing and smoking.
  2. Hello.  Sorry you have not received an answer.  I'd bet most folks have no idea what breed their pork loin came from.  I know most times I don't.  I am from Tx. I now live in England where the breed originated but I really don't have first hand knowledge of Berkshire ( pronounced barksure over here ).  They are of the leaner breeds I would say on the whole; such as Duroc.  I did raise pigs mid 70's for FFA and again late 80's for my children.  NO EXPERT!  Pork production here as I am sure there has changed.  Seems ALL breeds of mass produced are being bred ( and crossbred )  to produce as lean a cut of pork as possible.  Fat = taste.  [​IMG]   The "free range" smaller producers are producing better quality pork in my opinion.  Trim before you eat if you want.

    What is it you exactly want to know?  Keep Smokin!

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    I've been using it for years! I've never smoked any but I have a tomahawk chop on my menu now and on the last menu we used the belly.

    We call them kurobuta pork after the Japanese name for this breed.

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    Kurobota used as a brand here as well.
    Way back in the day there were more breeds to pick from,Wessex Saddlebacks,Berkshire, Tamworth ( brown),Gloucester Spot.Then it went to white pigs ,standardised ,lean ,bland.
    The Italians making traditional stuff always wanted Berkshire, it's making a comeback but it's not cheap.
  5. Thanks for the replies reason I'm asking I'm raising some crossbred berks they are duroc in color won't be ready till June. I'm looking forward to see any difference in taste of the meat.

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