Belly bacon... how do you smoke it?

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by bob the noob, Feb 1, 2010.

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    So it seems Belly Bacon is getting reali popular around here. There also seems to be quite a variety on methods in regards to temps, prep, smoking time, etc...

    How does everyone smoke theirs?

    I'll start off: I get the raw belly, skin it, usual TQ rub down then sits in the fridge with the usual flippy flip for about a week. Then it's a good rinse, onto the bacon hooks and into the cold smoker to dry for a couple hours. Hickory is my wood of choice, with the last batch being smoked around 22/23 hours (lost track of when I started it) at maybe 70 to 80 deg's. Yes, it's handy to live in Michigan with highs around 20 something this time of year. :)

    Then it's left to mellow/rest in the fridge for a day or two before slicing.

    How bout you?
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    good question,there seems to be two different methods. the first one i did i built a fire in fire box [ 6' away from smokehouse] was able to maintain 70 to 90* in smokehouse. i tended this fire for 14 hrs. not only a pita but went thru a lot of wood. end result, very good for my first attempt but not quite there yet. i think smoke got to heavy at times. just put one in this am. this time i have a hotplate in house and in firebox. im going to go two days at 65* with light smoke to no smoke at times. [using only a handfull of chips every 4 hrs or so] the next one i have curing now i will smoke at 135* for around 14 hrs. i will then compare the two methods to see what i like best. as you can see im on a mission to make the perfect i do notice for the folks that smoke em at 135ish they tend to get a real nice color. as far as the cure im doin a simple tq cure. im not looking for fruits,nuts,berries or a ton of spices, just the right amount of smoke and salt. after the rinse and fry test gig i do put them back in the fridge for two days to let the salt equalize.
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    I try to keep the smokehouse as cool as I can usually under 110 and use cherry and or pecan and like Andy smoke 8-12 hours

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