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  1. Besides grilling and smoking, another passion of mine is for Belgian Beers.

    I am well aware there are many amazing American craft beers, and excellent beers from many other parts of the world.  What has been an exploding industry (craft beers) in the USA for the last 20-25 years is something that has been an part of Belgian culture for over 200 years.  It is amazing that a country about the size of Delaware has over 1400 beers in production! 

    I started a collection a couple years ago that I'm quite proud of.  I have over 500 different beers in the collection, and about 100 different glasses.

    Many don't know this, but in Belgium, they send the glasses to the bars with the beer and most breweries require their beer to be served in the correct glass that is designed to promote the correct head and breathing of the beer.  

    A beer without a good head would be rejected in Belgium.  A beer in the incorrect glass could mean they would stop selling the product to the establishment....

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    Nice collection and an intersesting fun hobby. I'm into Food Styles of the world but not much into Beers. Pretty much an Ice cold Yuengling Lager guy that delights in Warsteiner when my Accountant [​IMG]  releases the funds...JJ
  3. Thanks....

    If you like the Warsteiner Dunkel and want to try a similar Belgian (the Belgian equivalent is called a Dubbel), try a Leffe Brown some time.  It's made by INBEV, which owns Budweiser now, so it's distribution is pretty vast and the price isn't much more than a Yuengling.  It is @ $33/case.
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