Beginning my first smoker build and need some guidance

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by newbbuilder1, Dec 23, 2015.

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    Hey guys, I'm starting my first smoker build and decided to make a reverse flow. I have done an extensive amount of looking around at this site and other ones like it and have selected a cc and trailer. I am working on it with a friend and am making it for a friends family. They are providing materials so I have no cost in it just labor. I have already attached the tank to my trailer but need a little help in understanding how large to make a few things. First I am curious how large to make my fb/cc opening and how large to make the opening under the baffle plate and on the other side. Next, I would like to have recomendations on my exhaust size and height. Lastly, based on my measurments should my firebox be 30x30x23 ?Here are some measurements and calculations I have done already:

    Inside diameter of tank: 36"

    Length of tank: 63"

    Gallons of tank: 265 gallons

    Volume of cc: 61094 inches cubed
    Volume of fb: 20161 inches cubed
    Fb/Cc opening: 244 inches cubed

    So should my fb/cc opening be 27" long by 6" tall??? Any input is helpful and I plan putting progress and pictures up once I can get back to our schools computars. I will post pictures of the original trailer and progress while cutting apart. Then attachment of the cc to the trailer. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!
  2. Feldons pit calculator will help you figure this and dave omack posted a new program that is more friendly to figure everything out
  3. Use the calculator listed above and ANYTHING DaveOmak says..... he helped me out a lot back when I was beginning my first build.

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