beginner with new build uds needs advice

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  1. hi guys

    just a quick question, i am just in the middle of seasoning my newly built uds. i live in the uk and some of the materials needed are either very difficult to find or not available here, anyway i have filled my basket lit my coals and  i have all three air pipes open . the temps have raised up to 270- 280f but no further i know this is more than enough to smoke pork and ribs etc and i am very pleased that i am able to lower the temps and control them pretty well but i was hoping to be able to get up to 350-400f for when i want to do crispy skin chicken i think that the problem is air flow,i made the air pipes quite long(bad back)  and they are made from 22mm copper pipe with brass 3/4 inch fittings (black iron is very hard to get in the uk) i believe they are restricting the air  i am considering putting another air way in  for when i need the temps to go higher but i wanted to confirm this with you guys first 

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    One way to check if the air flow is restricted.....  remove the riser pipes and check the max temp....   If the charcoal basket is built correctly, ash is falling out of it so the pile of charcoal can breath, and the exhaust control has holes big enough, you should be good to go.....

  3. thanks dave for the advice 

    i feel a bit silly as i have made a typical beginners mistake i was only looking at the dial gauge i have fitted in the drum and today i decided to have a play and fire it up again but this time i used a digital thermometer and put the probe just under the cooking grate in the centre ,i decided to warm it up first and then remove the riser pipes to see what would happen. but on the digital thermometer it went to 345-350f without doing anything. and there was at times over 50f difference between the two gauges .before i fitted the dial gauge i tested it in boiling water and it was spot on so i have no idea why this is happening but i will ignore the dial gauge from now on, but now i have a good excuse to say to her indoors that i need a maverick ET-732 how can she say no !!!!!!!! 
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    The dial gauge can be used as a reference, once you do a few smokes..... center rack, in the center may consistently read 50 deg higher than the dial gauge on the side (or where ever it is located)...... Then  you will have a very good ref. therm.....    Dave
  5. thank you dave 

    i have been trying to find a maverick et732 thermometer unit on the net but i can only find one at £60.00 in the UK ($92.00) i think its a bit pricey over here  are there bbq companies in the US that will  post to the UK without costing the earth

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