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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by ronabramson, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. ronabramson

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    I want to make "cheap" beef jerky.  I would like it when finished to be about 1/2"x1/2"x6" and "chewy" dry not "cracker" dry.

    I DO NOT want to use soy sauce, rather I want a traditional salty cracked pepper smoke taste.

     1. What wood do you recommend?

     2. What cut of beef should I use?

     3. What are my starting dimensions if I want a finished dimension of about 1/2" x 1/2" x 6"?

     4. I assume I marinade with salt etc. before smoking?

     5. please submit a recipe for brine or salting for me?

     6. I have a propane smoker what temp and how long a lb do I smoke?

     7. I assume I cut it into the pieces before brine or smoking?

     8. I have a nylon bag I was going to dry it in - any rule of thumb for drying time?

     9. Should drying be done in sunlight or in shade?

    10. What did I not ask or tell for this project?
  2. As far as method, time of smoke, drying times, etc try using the search bar and take a look at the hundreds of jerky threads. You'll be able to get a feel of the methods used for drying and times required.

    Edit: BTW, by cheap do you mean cost wise or are you trying to replicate a Slim Jim?
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  3. crazymoon

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    Here is a pepper style jerky, from Eldon Cutlips book :

    5 pounds lean meat

    4 TBSPN salt

    1tsp cure #1

    1tsp white pepper

    1tsp chili powder

    1 tsp cayenne pepper

    2 tsp coriander

    2 tsp garlic powder

    5 cups cold water

    coarse ground black  pepper

    Brine for I-2 days with all ingredients BUT the coarse black pepper,lay strips on drying racks THEN generously coat the strips with the black pepper. Smoke or  dehydrate with your favorite chips,times and temps. As RG said please hit the white search bar for lots of posts that will cover your questions. I've made 100's of pounds of jerky and had to keep tweeking to my liking, never had a bad batch but with time yours will be to your liking and excellent.
  4. ronabramson

    ronabramson Newbie

    When I said "cheap" I meant cost wise.  I do not want a slim Jim uh!

    Since cost is one of my criteria, can I use pork, or is the meat itself to dangerous to use as jerky?  Where I am it is MUCH cheaper than beef!
  5. ronabramson

    ronabramson Newbie


    this sounds pretty close to what I was looking for.

    Your recipe has cure #1, is that something I buy from Jeff?  If not where do you recommend I buy it from?
  6. Cure #1 can be found online...Amazon is where I got mine. Also it's sometimes available at outdoor stores and the like.
  7. crazymoon

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    Never made pork jerky so unsure as to what you'd get. Any steak on sale top round, bottom round,london broil etc is good stuff.

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