Beercan chicken on a UDS

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by elkhorn98, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Did a chicken, fatty, and andouille sausages. Ran the uds about 300 and the bird was done in about 2 hours. Used 1/2 kingsford competition briquettes and RO lump with 6 hickory chunks. I rubbed it down with a basic rub and under the skin on the breast and added a little butter under the skin. Came out great and the uds is too easy. Very moist and great flavor. I don't know if I'll ever use my cheap offset ever again.
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  2. That is a nice looking bird. Nice UDS as well. I sure do like the way mine cooks.

    Happy smoken.

  3. I am running a heat diffuser and drip/water pan.  Not sure if I should try it without it.
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    Looks great and nice looking UDS!
  5. Did another round with 3 chickens, kielbasa and added some frozen onion rings. Rings were great and chicken was excellent. Used apple this time for less smokey flavor.
  6. That's some nice looking game day grub

    Good job

  7. Thanks I bet I could fit a whole offensive line (5) in the UDS.
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    Interesting - How did the onion rings come out?? I've seen and been told about cooking breaded items on the grill - but never tried it myself! 
  9. The onion rings were good but a few were burnt. I had them on for about 1.25 hours. Super easy appetizer and I'll be doing them again.
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    Good to know! Were they crunchy/soggy? Were you still running at 300* like the 1st cook?
  11. They were crunchy and my temp got a little too high for a while ~310. So I will go only 1 hr and/or a little cooler next time.
  12. The onion rings are a nice twist. I agree on the amount of meat that you can cook on a UDS. It will hold more than I can afford.

    Happy smoken.


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