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  1. thought I share this with you. I made a beer mustard on sat. today I tried it on some P.P. I just made and WOW! love it, here's some pic's I did and the site for the recipe. I followed it to the T(except for the beer) and it came out good,also I let it mellow out a few days longer before I started really using it.





    good stuff,hope you try it!
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    Copied & printed!

    Will give it a try.

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    I bet that would be great to have with some smoked cheese!  I can't wait to try it.
  6. Cool. I would prefer it made with the dopplebock. It would be a totally different mustard.
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    Dang!  I knew they used wine in Dijon, but I never thought about beer.

    Gotta try this.  Thanks for posting!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Great idea - thanks for posting
  9. I used to get Sierra Nevada beer mustard. It was great.

  10. yep that's the best thing about this,so many possibilities! 
  11. sounds great gonna have to try this one[​IMG]

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