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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by psc653, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Could you do beer can turkey laying the turkey on it's back and inserting a beer can/ can with holes in the side of the can  oriented upwards to allow steam etc to moisten the bird?
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    For your turkey question, I'm assuming that the turkey won't fit in your smoker standing upright. If it would fit standing up I

    have smoked several beer can turkeys using the big Foster's beer cans. I don';t think it would work with the turkey laying

    down because the bottom of the beer can would not be exposed to the heat source and I don't think you would get the

    steam coming out of the can.
  3. alblancher

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    You can always smoke the turkey a while then tent it in a pan on a rack.  Fill the pan with beer.   Kind of like foiling ribs.  Then you can remove the tent and finish for a bit back on the smoke.

    Never done it but I cook turkeys in the oven like that all the time.
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