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    So...I ran across this article ( .... its an interesting read and being an old HVAC guy I understand the principals of thermal dynamics and this author is right on track when it comes to whether beer canning is truly effective. I've done a bunch of chickens and turkeys beer can and have always sworn by the technique. So I followed Meathead's recommendation and experimented with his process...

    Two 5+ pound organic chickens....

    Brined in 1.5 cups sea salt, 1/4 cup garlic power, about an hour & half.

    (Always brine my turkeys, hardly ever brine my Chics)

    Extra Large BGE

    Mixture of 3 chunks Pecan/3 chunks Cherry (GOOOD Poultry Combo)

    Egg is set with Plate Setter Up

    Set my DigiQ @ 275

    Use my Beer Can Sets to mount the chics (No cans)

    Drip Pans flooded with Blue Moon

    Rubbed the boogers with olive oil and my quick n easy rub inside and out. 

    Theory: Moisture evaporating under the chickens versus the old method of trying to get the bear to evaporate inside the little critters gives it some benefit of the beer flavor. Under the traditional method of beer canning I never saw much of the beer evaporate. Under this method I used a full bottle of Blue Moon in the first hour. Once the beer evaporated the chics came up to 165 @ the breast fairly quickly....about 1.5 hours @ 275.

    I wrap and throw um in the cooler for bout 15-20 mins to rest.

    Simple Quick n Easy Rub:

    3 parts Fresh Hungarian Paprika 

    2 parts Chili Powder

    2 parts Montreal Seasoning (Yup!) Like more heat add another.

    1 part Garlic Powder

    3-4 roasted garlic cloves in the cavities (If you like)

    Chics came out perfect. Never told the Queen I change the beer can method.....she raved as usual.

    Brined - Rubbed - Ready to go.....

    Finished Products ready to go in the cooler....The Queen loves roasted some nice organic buggers...olive oil, salt and pepper. Leave in for the whole cook. Come out with a slight crunch with a nice mild smoke....

    The Queen's Citrus & Cherrie Salad, beets, chics and a nice Pino Gris

    Life is Good!
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    Tasty looking birds. I'll have to give the article a read. when I have some time.
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    Now read their article on resting meat.
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    Nice looking Birds , I have a stand for a can around here and I'll use it on a pan now. I just used to put them in dry(on stand/no liquid) . I was curious when the Son did some and the  Beer was still there full.

    Now I can use Coke or something to put in a pie pan with the Hens. [​IMG]

    Thanks and . . .
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    Good looking birds. It is always interesting to research our accepted methods. Thanks.

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    I haven't ever noticed a difference?

    But it is fun seeing them sand up on their butts?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  7. Had a buddy do one with mt dew code red. The chicken had a pink hue to it several inches into the meat so something obviously goes into the bird. I passed on the pink dyed chicken so not sure how it tasted
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    I've always used a turkey canon and beer can chicken holders.  Never wasted beer.  Always used cheap soda.  I'll give it a try without any cans in the holders and see what difference it makes.  Now I'm curious. 

    Read the article on resting meat too.  Not convinced, but I can keep an open mind. 
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    SO I'm betting if you stuffed that bird with the Dew Code-Red and put him in the Refer it would still turn red!! Check out the ingredients in MD!! Nuclear Waste? ;-) I'd vote for a good 12 year old Bourbon!!
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    Great post and nice chics, They have a lot of good articles on there but I disagree with his cold smoking sausage and fish review. 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 


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