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  1. hello this is my first post, but I attempted to make a beer can chicken in my master-built smoker. It was a total success. I'm not sure if the beer can in the chickens ass really works but I cooked the bird for about 8 hours, it took a lot longer than I thought...

    I marinaded my chicken with Montreal chicken rub, let it set in the fridge over night, I think the next time I'm going to add beer in the actual marinade.

    Then I bought a chicken rack from Walmart for a couple of bucks, it seems like it would be impossible to set the chicken vertically without out it falling over. I preheated my smoker to 225 degrees set my chicken in there, shoved a half drank beer can in it and began the smoke. I used hickory wood chips filled up my water bowl with water and coors light beer
    . I filled up a spray bottle with beer and sprayed it down every hour or so to keep it moist.It took a while to cook but it came out really good had a good beer flavor probably with the help of spraying it down I achieved that beer flavor. The skin was a little tough but cooking a bird for that long I'm sure it's normal the meat was moist and great flavor! [​IMG]
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    Looks good.  Never tried one in smoker.  I just throw a smoker box on the gas grill.  You mentioned how long it took, I always smoke poultry at 260 or 275.  Cool to see different ways.  
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  3. Thanks I'll have to try a higher temp next time probably would cook a lot quicker @joeskiit was my first time smoking chicken I usually always do pork or beef
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    WOW 8 hours!!

    Well it sure looks good from here!

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