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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by timrenner, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. I smoked a couple of beer can chickens on last Thursday and I've been dying to get the Qview up. I'm attempting to perfect a technique to bring to a cook off against my dad this labor day. I did two beer can chickens and some ABTs. I also did a small Boston butt for a short time and served it sliced. The birds and butt were on 4 and a half hours at around 290 or so. The ABTs went on for two hours.

    I just rubbed the birds down under the skin and outside, put a couple of garlic cloves and onion slices in the can, and put an onion on the neck (all at the advice of the good people here at SMF).


    Birds before the cook.


    With the ABTs I tried saving the seeds to mix with the cheese filling so they could have a little more heat. Results were not so great, as some of the ABTs ended up REALLY hot and others not hot at all. I also didn't use gloves. Two lessons learned there.


    Here are the birds in their final moments on this earth. They were pretty danged good.


    Here are the ABTs. They were good, but as I said before, pretty inconsistent with regard to heat level.


    The slicing of the butt.

    So I'll end this with a couple of questions for the BBQ masters out there:

    -Anything else I should experiment with the chicken? I think I'm going to try brining it just to see how it goes, but what else can I try before labor day?

    -How can I make consistently hot ABTs? It was really entertaining to watch my friends take a huge bite out of the hot ones and run for the milk, but I should probably try for a more consistent heat level. Any tips?
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    I have done a few yard birds with 12 ouncers up the can but i am still experimenting as well.  I usually do a fairly liberal rub all over as well as using my cajun injector in the breasts, thighs, legs with their hickory bbq.  Almost to a point where i may try to do without the rub. Skin gets tough and torn off anyways so there goes the bottle of rub that I used to doctor it.  I think between the injection, smoke, and beer with spices added it may have enough flavor.  Like i said, i have not tried it yet but am going to try next time. 

    Has anyone tried with vs. without rub?
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    Man oh Man that food looks fabulous and I would love to have some of that butt to. Now your japs are like a appetizer mine field for you never know what you get. Now I have found a grocery store near us that carries some jalapeno's that aren't super hot. I do some catering from time to time and they are always asked for (repeat customers) now I keep getting them from the same store. So I would keep searching store to store till you find one for that's what we did. As for your yardbird you can brine them and they are really good too. I don't but they come out really juicy so why??? brine??? But if you want to I would recommend Tip's Slaughter House Brine and you can find it in the wiki section of this place.
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    The beer can chick's look great with the onion in the top. Holds the steam from the beer in. MOIST!!!

    the butt looks great good ring..

    The ABT are to kill for...

    I never rub the outside of the chicken as we do not use the skin. but we do put the rub inside the skin to help the outside of the chicken taste wise.. keep up the good work...

    Good smoking...
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    He Timrenner,

    Great Smoke.....thanks for the Q-views.

    Have you looked in the Wiki section for Spatchcocked Chicken?  Its the technique where the chicken's prepped so that it can be smoked flat on the smoker.....Its a diffrent presentation from the beer can chicken.  

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