Beer can chicken in MES 40 (Q-view)

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by veritas, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. veritas

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    I made my second run yesterday with my MES 40.  Beer can chicken.  About a 7 to 8 lb bird put mustard and a generic rub on the thing.  Shoved a can of beer up its rear end and put it in my pre heated MES 40 at 275.  Took somewhere around 4 hours to hit 165.  Used my amnps but for some reason I had a real hard time getting it to stay lit.  My previous fatties the thing burned like a charm with hickory pellets although I went through them a little faster than I should have.  This time Cherry pellets same amount of openings for air but had a rough time.  Maybe from the can of beer? Maybe the different pellets?






    My Daughter Said take a picture of me with the chicken dad!
  2. Looks great!! [​IMG]  I bet it tasted AWESOME!!
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    Good looking bird! If there are burn issues with the AMPS, don't hesitate to send Todd a PM and ask a question. He'll do his best to help ya get back on track and get the full benefit of his awesome lil' gadget!

    Keep up the great smokes! [​IMG]
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    Chicken looks great.  Check with Todd on the configuration with the MES. I also remember the Cherry works better with a second type of pellets mixed in  
  6. veritas

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    Todd has been great.I will have to look around maybe it needed some other wood with it.
  7. veritas

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    My mistake,  I needed to add the mix of pellets for the cherry wood.  Just shows I need to read my instructions at least 4 times over.
  8. bigfish98

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    I had the same issue with my cherry pellets.  Mixed it with maple and worked great.  Now they have the pellets that are maple hickory and cherry.  Just smoked a chicken with those and it was great!  no need to mix anything cause the pellets are 1/3 of each wood not just a mix of each kind of pellet. 

  9. Good looking bird and what a cute little girl!
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    Beer can chicken is my wifes favorite, well maybe next to tri-tip.  I always have to do two chickens, one for immediate consumption, one for freezer for those" I don't want to cook days".
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    Your chicken looks good! I have yet to smoke chicken in my MES40.... just curious, how crispy the skin got. Seen many posts stating the MES does not get hot enough for a crispy skin?
  13. veritas

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    It was plenty crispy by my standards.

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