Beer Can Chicken & Blueberry Fatty (Q-View)

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by hova1914, Aug 31, 2013.

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    Smoked a 6 lb chicken for dinner last night and a blueberry fatty for breakfast this morning. Injected the chicken with rub and oj, put a butter/rub mix under the skin, rubbed the outside down with olive oil and then applied rub. Poked 4 holes in my beer can, added rub to the beer & chicken cavity, sat chicken up the beer can, and put on bottom rack of smoker. Smarter play is put chicken on beer can, then apply olive oil and rub. INFINITELY less messy that way. Here he is going into the smoker
    For the blueberry fatty I used jiffy blueberry muffin mix and maple syrup, jimmy dean maple sausage, and wrapped it all up in my bacon weave.

    Put fatty on top rack so bacon/maple sausage flavor would drip onto chicken. DO NOT do it the opposite way (chicken over fatty). You know, because of salmonella and dysentery & stuff. My ox died of that once in Oregon Trail. Not a pretty way to go.

    Smoked with apple wood for 1.5 - 2 hrs at 250F. Removed fatty. Before & after :)
    Continued cooking chicken (sans smoke) to an IT of 175F. I had a wireless in the breast and another in the thigh. They were cooking evenly until I hit 160F IT & turned up the heat to get the skin crispy. Cooked somewhere between 280 & 300F and the white meat hit 175 while the dark was still at 168. Gave the white til 180 since the beer was preventing dry-out. Took it out when dark hit 173 (white was at 178). Figured it would continue to cook itself the last 2 degrees while it was resting. Finished result
    Plated. Couldn't wait and had to sample the fatty. It was all delicious. swmbo RAVED about the juiciness and flavor of the chicken. Fatty was great too. Nice smoke ring. Looking forward to it with eggs, fruit, & hash browns this morning :)
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    That chicken looks great! Can you tell me exactly what a "fatty" is?
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    This morning's breakfast
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    A fatty is some stuffing (blueberry muffin, mushrooms & cheese, red beans & rice, whatever you want) encased in ground sausage (what they use to make sausage patties. Sold in a tube) and smoked. You can also make a bacon weave and wrap that around the sausage casing (like I did) or any number of things. You're only limited by your imagination. There's an entire thread devoted to them on this site. Check it out and see what others have done

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