Beer Can Chicken and ABT's on the Smoker! Play by Play Q-view 7/8/2012

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by gators2000, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Nice relaxing day at home so we decided to smoke some meat.  Hadn't done a beer can chicken on the smoker yet, so decided to give it a try.  Put it in a marinade / brine for about 20 hours, then seasoned it up and prepped it for the smoker.  I injected it with the marinade as well and used an assortment of seasonings I had in the cabinet.  This bird weighs about 7.25 #'s and I'm going to shoot to keep the smoker between 275 and 300 degrees.  I'm guessing about 3 hours but will monitor the IT.  Using a combination of Cherry and Hickory for smoke.  




    On the smoker with some ABT's for a snack in a little while! 


    Holding a good temp!


    Much more to come!!! 
  2. flash

    flash Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Chicken doesn't take long, so keep a close eye on it. I like to start out at low temps to give it more time in the smoke, then crank it up in later stages.
  3. Good tip.  I'm at 107 degrees after about an hour.  I'm going to slow it down and put it at 250 for a while.  Definitely want some smoke! 

    The ABT's were AWESOME!!!  


    Had to take a quick pic of the Chicken while I was offloading the ABT's.  Looking good...

  4. This is at 2 hours and 10 minutes; 155 degrees.  

  5. frosty

    frosty Master of the Pit

    That looks outstanding so far!  The ABTS were a hit no doubt!
  6. Thanks!  

    Finished at about 2:45.  Looks and smells awesome!  

    This is 10 min before taking it off.  




    I wrapped it and put it in a cooler while the sides are being finished.  It will probably rest 30 minutes or so, which should be great.  I'm hoping this came out awesome as it was a VERY easy smoke.  I'll try to remember some plate shots.  
  7. Plate shot!  Thanks for watching!!!

  8. flash

    flash Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yep, chicken seems to be around 2 1/2 most of the time. Now my wife wants her chicken DONE. No 165º for her. I have to take her's to 180º. Thank God it is still juicy and moist.

  9. Good looking yard bird and an outstanding finished plate! How did the taste come out? I'm with Flash's wife...I want mine done!
  10. The taste came out better than I thought it would. You could really taste the flavor from the marinade / injection. My wife gave me a big thumbs up on doing several of these the next time we entertain. Really easy smoke too! Thanks!
  11. chef jimmyj

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    Very nice looking Bird. I have to get a Stand. I can't get the bird to balance on an actual beer can to save my life!...JJ
  12. Just picked the stand up for this smoke.  It was only $2 at wallmart. [​IMG]
  13. zahlgren

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    Looks Awesome![​IMG]
  14. sqwib

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    very impressive

    Drool alert

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