Beer Can Burgers

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  1. Bear inspired format.

    4:15  Starting Beer Can Burgers.

    Planning on 1 1/2 hours at 240 set temp using mesquite and starting with a  [120 F ] when the burgers went in.  MES 30 smoker. I am using a higher heat setting in hopes of crisping bacon a bit.

    4:45 IT @ 135 [probe is in the meat. ]

    5:15 IT @ 151

    5:30 IT @  158 I didn't think about it, but the cheese [Coby/Jack] is now smoked also-- will take off at 1:30

    5:45 IT @  163 Removing from smoker and ----Let's eat

    The bacon was done, but solid not crisp. But OK and very good.

    If you note in the above picture, the hamburger is just about as high as the bacon strip. I loved the stuffing of sauteed vegies. Next time while forming, I will pull the meat up about 2 strips high and double the amount of filling. This will make the meat thinner, so it will get done sooner, but the stuffing is fantastic.

    So below is the finished product. Again more stuffing is better and one is all I could think about eating. The burger has a good smoke flavor with a touch of bacon. [ you have a 1/2 pound of meat there, make sure you season it accordingly]

    And yes, I will make it again and yes it will be better, but it was still very good the first time.
  2. Tasty looking burgers! Nice smoke!
  3. My favorite burger.  Great job!!!! Reinhard
  4. Nice, ggrib  . that looks awesome .

    Smoked Cheese , Hmmm ... top it about 30 min. before taking the Burger out and the Cheese will be just melted... just a suggestion [​IMG]  

    Have fun and . .  .
  5. b-one

    b-one OTBS Member

    I'm going to try these, it will make a great mushroom and Swiss burger!

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